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2018 Ignatian Pilgrimage

Highlights from the 2018 Ignatian Pilgrimage


Natka Bianchini, Fine Arts


Cathedral in the town of Loyola, Spain where St. Ignatius was born. Courtesy of Natka Bianchini

Inside Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Courtesy of Natka Bianchini.

Cathedral in Barcelona. Courtesy of Natka Bianchini

Reflections on the 2018 Ignatian Pilgrimage

By Natka Bianchini

Attending the Ignatian Pilgrimage trip to Spain and Italy was a career highlight for me as a faculty member at Loyola. I learned so much about the life of St. Ignatius and found the experience of visiting the places where he was born, where he preached, studied, lived as an adult, and even died, very moving. I now feel a profound understanding of the core values and mission of Ignatian education—things I had previously understood on only a cursory level. This trip will enrich my teaching and service to the University for years to come and I am profoundly grateful for the institutional support offered to any faculty, regardless of background, to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.