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Teaching Enhancement Workshop January 2021

The Committee for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CETL) is hosting a Teaching Enhancement Workshop on Tuesday, January 12th via two Zoom sessions. The sessions will discuss how to make the best use of Zoom and classroom sessions.

More details will follow before the January sessions.

Schedule of events

9:45 - 10:45 a.m.

Fighting Back Against Zoom Fatigue

This session will explore ways to make Zoom sessions more engaging for both faculty and students and will feature tips from Loyola faculty.

If you would like to share with your faculty colleagues approaches or activities you have used to make your Zoom pedagogy more engaging, please do so with the CETL through Flipgrid in the following discussion:Zoom Engagement Tips

Facilitator: Marie Heath, assistant professor of education technology


Fighting Back Against Zoom Fatigue,Google Doc

11 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Maximizing In-Person Classroom Time During the Pandemic

This session will involve discussion of the best ways to use the one in-person classroom session that most faculty will have with students on a weekly basis and will feature tips from Loyola faculty.

Please share your plans for use of in-class time for the spring semester with fellow faculty through a Flipgrid discussion:Best Uses of Classroom Time

Facilitator: Mavis Biss, associate professor of philosophy


Maximizing In-Person Classroom Time Recording, Jan. 12, 2021


Teaching Enhancement Committee Members, 2020-21

  • Mavis Biss (Philosophy) 
  • Jean Lee Cole (English) 
  • Irem Demirkan (Management and International Business)
  • Derek Kendig, Chair (Biology)
  • Marie Heath (Education Specialties)
  • Cindy Moore (Writing /Academic Affairs), ex officio

Past Teaching Enhancement Workshops

Fall 2020: Planning for Fall 2020: Classroom Trial Sessions

January 2020: Teaching for Active Citizenship

August 2019: Reflection on Student Learning and Teaching Practice

January 2019: Motivation: Theory in Action

August 2018: Approaching Challenging Topics in the Classroom

January 2018: High-Impact Teaching Practices Using Digital Pedagogy

August 2017: Student-Driven Learning and High-Impact Learning Practices

January 2017: Evidence-Based Teaching Practices

August 2016: Race in the College Classroom

January 2016: Modes of Engagement

August 2015: Inclusive Teaching and Loyola's Diversifying Student Body

January 2015: The Jesuit Mission, In Action

August 2014: Beyond Words: The Power of Nonverbal Communication in Teaching