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High-Impact Practices Faculty Fellows

2019-21 High-Impact Practices Faculty Fellows | 2018-20 High-Impact Practices Faculty Fellows

Faculty Fellows are full-time faculty members who have demonstrated sustained, outstanding teaching and are committed to the highest principles of Ignatian pedagogy and sound learning theory. Fellows deepen the Loyola faculty's commitment to teaching through individual and small group activity, reflection and writing. Faculty Fellows are selected through a brief application process. Faculty Fellows form a professional learning community of 5-7 participants who share their expertise with the broader Loyola community by:

  • Meeting once a month as a professional learning community to discuss effective teaching, high-impact practices, and collaboratively selected readings on teaching;
  • Serving as models by opening their classrooms to faculty colleagues;
  • Observing colleagues' teaching and offering suggestions for enhanced instruction and student engagement, as invited by faculty colleagues;
  • Planning roundtable or brown bag discussions on elements on Ignatian pedagogy, student engagement, or high-impact practices; and
  • Serving as a campus resource for expertise in teaching, Ignatian pedagogy, high-impact practices, and student engagement.

Working in collaboration with the associate vice president for undergraduate academic affairs and faculty development, Faculty Fellows serve for two years and receive $2000 ($1000 each year). Fellows elect a chair, annually. The chair convenes monthly meetings and facilitates the roundtable discussions. The chair prepares a brief annual report that summarizes the Fellows activity for the year. The chair receives an additional $1000 for each year of service.

The Charge

The High-Impact Practices Faculty Fellows are charged with developing a professional learning community that promotes effective teaching and high-impact practices and serving as a campus resource for expertise in teaching, Ignatian pedagogy and student engagement.

High-Impact Practices

The Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) put forth and endorsed the following 10 high-impact practices: 

  • First year seminars
  • Academic learning communities
  • Writing-intensive courses
  • Active and collaborative learning
  • Undergraduate research
  • Study abroad
  • Service-learning
  • Internships
  • Capstone courses/experiences
  • Common intellectual experiences

Faculty Fellow Cohort (2019)

We are pleased to announce the second cohort of High-Impact Practice Teaching Fellows:

  • Rebekah Eklund, associate professor of theology
  • Patricia Kanashiro, assistant professor of management and international business
  • Amy McGinn, lecturer of education specialties
  • Stephen Park, assistant professor of English
  • Brianne Roos, lecturer of speech-language-hearing sciences
  • Qiyu Zhang, associate professor of marketing

Please visit the 2019-21 High-Impact Practices Faculty Fellows page to learn about the different ways the faculty fellows are promoting effective teaching and high-impact practices.

Inaugural Faculty Fellows Cohort (2018)

The 2018 Faculty Fellows cohort has demonstrated, sustained outstanding teaching; a commitment to the highest principles of Ignatian pedagogy and sound learning theory; and has particular expertise using high-impact practices as an approach to help students of color meet academic success. Please visit the 2018-19 Faculty Fellows page to learn about different ways the members are promoting effective teaching and high-impact practices.

Apply to be a Faculty Fellow

All full-time faculty members except one-year visiting faculty are eligible. Deans will review applications and select up to five fellows. Fellows serve for a two- year term. Fellows will receive $1000 each year of the two-year term in recognition of their generosity to their colleagues. 

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