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AMDG Community Award

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam ("For the Greater Glory of God")

The AMDG Community Award was created to recognize Loyola’s staff and administrators from across all areas of the University who exemplify the Ignatian spirit by displaying extraordinary initiative and dedication to Loyola’s mission, vision, and values. Both awards are presented during Maryland Day Milestone week in March. Each recipient of this award will receive a monetary prize of $750.

The award recognizes staff and administrators who display extraordinary initiative and dedication to Loyola’s mission, vision, and values.  This recipient:

  • Demonstrates support for strategic initiative(s);
  • Participates actively in the University community;
  • Commits to engaging others to advance Loyola’s mission;
  • Demonstrates a spirit of going above and beyond; and
  • Embodies Loyola’s core values, as well as the Ignatian spirit that is central to Loyola University Maryland.

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Please submit your nomination by Feb. 4, 2022.

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2021 Staff Recipient: Alli Novak, Athletics

Alli NovakAs the athletics scheduling assistant, Alli handles all the scheduling requests which includes rentals for our athletic facilities. She understands the importance of university fiscal vitality and finds creative solutions to rent our facilities without impacting the student athlete experience. During COVID, despite not being able to rent our facilities, she sustained excellent relationships with stakeholders so that we would be in a good position when the time came to rent again. Since COVID, she has stepped up on a regular basis to help staff our facilities and temperature-check all athletes that come to practice. Knowing that we are short staffed, Alli offered to help even though it is outside of her daily responsibilities, coming in at 6 a.m. or leaving well past 5 p.m. This also means being outside in the cold or the sweltering heat for extended periods of time while waiting for the athletes to arrive. Alli learned how to open the air dome, assists the equipment room with laundry needs, and works basketball games on the weekend—all while continuing to handle her scheduling responsibilities daily. 

2021 Administrator Recipient: Rita Buettner, University Communications

Rita BuettnerAs director of university communications, the nature of Rita's work requires her to be involved in major strategic initiatives including diversity, equity, inclusion; retention and yield; cultivating innovations; and sustainability. While she helps shape the major communications related to these initiatives, she takes her involvement steps further. She often becomes actively engaged in brainstorming sessions, problem solving meetings, and action step determination regarding this work. This means she moves beyond communications to learning about the details of the work, and working to make meaningful connections with others in divisions and offices who may benefit from the work at hand. Rita has a unique, wide view of Loyola that she effectively and appropriately offers to advance our institutional mission. Her work with the Rapid Response Team and the reopening plan serves as recent examples of her varied and active participation. Rita lives the Loyola mission. It is who she is, and it authentically shapes how she shows up on campus. She helps us feel connected to something bigger than ourselves.

Past Recipients

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