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I-9 Express

I-9 Express

Federal law requires the completion of the Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, within three business days of the employment effective date. This form confirms eligibility to work in the United States and has sections that are to be completed by both the employee and an authorized University representative. It is critical that human resources be compliant in having accurately and timely completed Form I-9s on file for all employees, including student employees. No employee is authorized to work without completion of the I-9.

Please remember, the U.S. Citizen and immigration Service (USCIS) requires employees to present their original, unexpired documents from the List of Acceptable Documents in person, within 3 business days of the hire date.  Failure to complete this process will result in the employee being removed from payroll.

I-9 Express is available online and allows new employees to log in prior to beginning work at the University from any Internet-accessible computer. First, the employee completes their section (Part I) electronically no later than the first day of work. Next, they bring their document(s) confirming identity and employment authorization to an HR representative. Due to COVID precautions, the viewing of the documents must be a scheduled appointment. Please contact to schedule an appointment. The person who views the document(s) will then complete the online Form I-9 (Section II and III). Once the form is completed, it will be stored in a confidential online archive.



Student Workers

In adhering to our student employment policy, student employees required to complete the Form I-9 should also fill out section 1 of the form via I-9 Express. It is recommended the student to complete this at a computer prior to bringing employment paperwork to the human resources appointment. Student workers must present acceptable original documents. If a student worker does not have access to the originals (a parent has them, for example), their start date must be delayed until this requirement can be fulfilled.


System Access

  • I-9 Express New Hire Link (New hires must complete section 1 of the Form I-9 before or on their first day of work; no login is needed – use 14129 as the Employer Name or Code)

  • I-9 Express Administrator Link (Loyola personnel must complete section 2 of pending Form I-9s)

If you are a Loyola staff or administrator (authorized representative) who assists in verifying Form I-9s for employees, below is information to assist you in this process:

  • Pay close attention to the hire date in relationship to when you are completing the I-9. It is critical the accurate hire date is put in the I9 system and that it is no later than 3 business days past the hire date.

  • Use 14129 as the Employer Name or Code

  • The initial login for the I-9 Express Administrator site is your employee ID as listed on the back of your University ID, excluding leading zeros; the initial password is the first eight (8) digits of your social security number

  • Instructions for completing the Form I-9s are in the Help sections of the I-9 sites

  • You must view original documents to fulfill the I9. You cannot accept copies of the documents. It is against federal law to do so.

  • There is also Video training available on the site

  • Online alerts will assist you in properly completing the form, virtually eliminating errors


Remote Hires

Any employee who is hired by Loyola Maryland must file an I-9 form, even if they are working outside of the Baltimore area or unavailable to present in person prior to the start date. If an employee is unable to complete the I-9 in person they will need to file the form remotely through a consortium Loyola participates in. HR can assist with this process.

Please contact HR (ext. 1370) with any questions.