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Self-care and Resilience in Challenging Times Webinar with Jeff Barnett, Psy.D.

Self-care and Resilience |  Part I

On November 2, 2020, Jeffrey E. Barnett, Psy.D., gave the first of a planned series of live-streamed webinars on self-care and resilience in challenging times to Loyola faculty, staff and administrators. The 45 minute webinar may be viewed in entirety below. In addition, the presentation slides and a supplemental article are provided for further reading.


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Self-care and Resilience |  Part II

Jeffrey E. Barnett, Psy.D., gives the second in his series of talks on self-care and resilience. The second webinar in the planned series of four examines how to prevent burnout.


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Self-care and Resilience | Part III

Jeffrey E. Barnett, Psy.D., returns for his third talk on self-care and resilience. The third webinar in the planned series of four instructs you how to create your own self-care plan.

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Self-care and Resilience | Part IV

The fourth and final planned talk on self-care and resilience. The final webinar looks at how you can help shape a culture of self-care.

Additional Reading

Dr. Jeff Barnett has also published extensively on this topic including his recent article, "Distress, Therapist Burnout, Self-Care, and the Promotion of Wellness for Psychotherapists and Trainees," which was published on the website for the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy.

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University Resources

Employee Assistance Program Resources

KEPRO, Loyola's employee assistance program, offers free resources for all Loyola employees. Faculty and staff experiencing challenges may receive confidential support through counseling services, family and childcare services, financial and legal services, and more. For more information, visit and enter company code LOYOLA.  
Loyola's Human Resources website also offers a comprehensive list of employee support resources. 
Campus Ministry website provides details on events, live-streamed services, prayer wall and much more.