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Educational Leadership M.Ed. Degree Requirements

The Master of Education in Educational Leadership program provides students with the conceptual tools and professional preparation to become accomplished school leaders. The content illustrates the actions and behaviors of effective leaders aligned to the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders, which are standards of which school leaders are evaluated. The educational leadership program’s scope and sequence ensures aspiring leaders’ attainment of concepts inclusive of leadership theories, supervision and professional development, management of school resources, culturally responsive proficient leadership, the importance of research in practice, school law, collaborative leadership coupled with a diverse and competent team, student achievement, and school and community relations.

Explore the Curriculum

The M.Ed. degree requires 39 credit hours. The program of study will focus on both the theory and practice of contemporary school leadership. This program includes a six-credit internship, through which students have the opportunity to apply experience and further develop their leadership abilities in a real-life education setting.

The program requirements and course descriptions can be found in the Loyola University Maryland Academic Catalogue.

Sample Program Schedule
Fall 1  ED600 Foundations of Research  (3cr.)   
  AD651 Leadership and Equity (3 cr.)
  AD600 Self as Leader: Coaching, Systems, and Self-Exploration I (1cr)
Spring 1 AD650 Curriculum, Assessment, and Instructional Leadership (3 cr.)
  AD668 School Law, Policy, and Ethics (3 cr.) 
  AD601 Self as Leader: Coaching, Systems, and Self-Exploration II (1 cr.)
Summer 1 AD675 Leading Change: School Leadership and Management  (3cr.)
  AD602 Self As Leader: Coaching, Systems, and Self-Exploration III (1cr)
Fall 2 AD6662 Leadership Supervision and Professional Developments (3 cr.)
  AD701 Trauma Informed Leadership (3cr.)
Spring 2 AD685 Critical Self-Reflection (3cr.)
  Elective I (3 cr.)
Summer 2 Elective II  (3 cr.)
Fall 3 AD688 Internship in Educational Leadership I (3 cr.)
Spring 3 AD689 Internship in Educational Leadership II (3 cr.)


The Program in Educational Leadership provides a full year internship that helps students to enhance and develop Professional Standards for Educational Leadership (PSEL). It is the capstone experience for all students.

In the internship, students are coached by two mentors, the University supervisor and school-based supervisor. A variety of learning experiences, plus 1:1 and small group coaching, help students to think systemically, frame problems, as well as transform theory into action utilizing evidence-based decision making. While working in the schools, students begin to implement best practices and theories from instructional, organizational, and social justice leadership frameworks. Through field experiences and year-long projects, the program is designed to provide authentic, on the job experiences which lead to a candidate positioned to take on an immediate leadership role in public and private school systems.

The purpose of the internship is twofold: to provide an opportunity for students to apply and develop their conceptual knowledge and understanding of educational leaderships under the guidance of an experienced school leader; and to provide an opportunity to assess and evaluate the performance of the intern in a real administrative and leadership context.

Completion Time

The educational leadership program may be taken full-time (to be completed in 2 years) or part-time (to be completed in 3-5 years).

Program Outcomes

Loyola University Maryland's program is aligned to the code of regulations as identified by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE). We prepare candidates for the School Leaders Licensure Assessment and the current MSDE eligibility requirements for certification after course completion. Participants must have 27 months of satisfactory teaching performance on a professional certificate or satisfactory performance as a certified specialist and the completion of a 3 credit special education course.

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to: 

  1. Obtain a M.Ed. in Educational Leadership.
  2. Apply to obtain the Administrator I (assistant in administration, supervisor in instruction, or supervisor in central administration) endorsement.
  3. Seek Administrator II (school principal) endorsement. (Students are required to obtain the Administrator I and successfully complete the School Leaders Licensure Assessment exam).