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Interdisciplinary (ID) Majors - Class of 2021, 2022, and 2023

An interdisciplinary (ID) major in psychology combines select psychology courses with those of another major to best suit the needs of the student. A popular combination is that of the biology/psychology interdisciplinary major. This combination is often chosen by those students who would like to eventually pursue medical school, graduate school in health psychology, or a career in research. The psychology requirements of the ID major are listed below.

Students interested in combining psychology with another major should seek guidance from that major regarding the specified courses needed to fulfill that major's requirements. Not all majors may be combined to constitute an ID major; students should consult specific departments with questions.

All ID majors except Biopsych majors

  • Required to take the following seven psychology courses:
  • PY101: Introduction to Psychology
  • PY200: Professional Development in Psychology
  • PY241: Child Development, PY242: Adolescent Development, PY243: Adult Development or PY244: Life Span Development (Group IV developmental course)
  • PY291: Research Methods I & PY292: Research Methods II (research sequence)
  • Advanced Topics Course (Group I): PY300, PY353, PY400, PY404, PY413, PY414, PY415, PY417, PY418, PY419, PY420, PY435, PY490.
  • Three other PY courses chosen with the guidance of the academic advisor
  • Interdisciplinary majors are strongly encouraged to take BL105 (Anatomy and Physiology; natural science core requirement); however, they may take BL121/BL126 (and in the case of BL/PY are required to take BL121/126). Taking either BL105 or BL121 serves as the prerequisite for any courses in PY Group III.
  • Required to take one of the following: ST110: Statistical Methods & Data Analysis, ST210: Statistics or ST265: Biostatistics; course will be used to fulfill the core requirement in mathematics and should be taken Freshman year, as is a prerequisite to entry into PY292; no other mathematics courses may serve in lieu of the aforementioned courses (e.g., calculus will not substitute for statistics).
  • The other half of the ID degree will depend on the requirements of that major; students should seek guidance from their major advisor.

Biology/Psychology (BL/PY) Interdisciplinary Majors should refer to the Degree Worksheets.

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