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The Virtue of Restraint

Dr. Angela Christman has posted a narrative and series of reflections on her time teaching in an interdisciplinary program in Orvieto, Italy earlier this year, hosted by Gordon College. The program is described as an ecumenical and humanities focused on undergraduate education.

Reflecting on my time at Loyola

After meeting with the faculty and learning about all of the great classes in Loyola’s Master of Theological Studies program, I knew I had to enroll in yet another program for another master’s degree. The faculty’s dedication to the program and to individual student success is something that I have certainly benefited from throughout my time as an MTS student. They did all of the legwork so that we could bring an ancient Hebrew language component to the department. This type of care and dedication to students is something of a constant within the department.

Arthur Sutherland

Arthur Sutherland, Ph.D.

An award-winning author and internationally-renowned BBQ chef, Dr. Sutherland teaches theology as well as classes in the Honors Program and Messina