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Why are we here? What can we know? What does a life worth living look like? What can we hope for? Majoring or minoring in theology provides a framework in which students can address important questions of human existence. Many students combine a theology major or minor with another field of study to ensure that their education, in the Jesuit tradition, engages not only technical skills but also life’s big questions. Common pairings include theology with biology, psychology, Global Studies, classics, business, or philosophy. A major in theology is also easily combined with a minor in peace & justice, or a Catholic Studies minor.

Students who are majoring and minoring in theology have the opportunity to work closely with faculty members and pursue their learning in a community of fellow inquirers.

Their course of study allows them to examine the ethical dimensions of personal and professional life in light of Christian and non-Christian religious traditions. The study of theology prepares one not only for a profession but also for a life well-lived.

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Dr. Matthews

Claire Mathews McGinnis, Ph.D.

Claire Mathews McGinnis, Ph.D., encourages her students to follow in the footsteps of St. Ignatius by listening to their desires