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Clinical Fees

There is no per-visit charge for undergraduate students. There is a fee of $25/visit for graduate students. Please note, there is a small fee for any rapid in-house testing/procedures (i.e., strep test, suture removal, etc.) are done or if pharmacy items are dispensed. Student Health Services does not directly bill insurance for services rendered during your visits. Please understand that all charges incurred during your visit are due at the time of the appointment and can be paid with cash, credit/debit, check or Evergreen card. Our office is currently unable to accept flex spending/health savings account cards or charge the student bill for services- we apologize for this inconvenience and are working to add these payment options in the future.

Students can view and print itemized statements from their Patient Portal which can be submitted to their insurance company or flex spending account for reimbursement when applicable. To view your statement, go to the Patient Portal and click on the Visit Statements tab.

Sample of fee schedule

Service/Treatment Fee
Physician or Nurse Practitioner visit  No Charge for Undergraduate students
Graduate students, $25/visit

 On site rapid testing
(i.e., strep/mono/influenza, urinalysis)

$20 flat fee
 Rapid COVID Test in office No Charge
 At home rapid COVID test (2 pack) $20
 Ear Irrigation $20
 Wound Care $20
 Nebulizer Treatment $10
 GYN/Pelvic exam $20
(i.e., prescription meds including antibiotics,
topical creams & over-the-counter medications)
Varies $5-$30 per medication
 Blood Draw No charge if ordered by SHS provider
$20 if ordered by outside provider
 Medication Injection $20 one time or $50 per semester
 Allergy Clinic $50 per semester
 Influenza Vaccine $25
 TB Skin Test $20
 No Show Fee $20

* Fees subject to change without notice

Outside Laboratory Testing

If it is necessary to have testing done outside of the scope of care of the Health Center (labs/radiology), the patient’s insurance will be utilized and the patient will be responsible for any charges related to these tests. It is the student's responsibility to provide the most updated insurance card and/or information. The Health Center cannot assume responsibility for charges incurred outside of our facility and will not be held responsible for claims run through old/outdated insurance cards. Please be familiar with your insurance policies regarding copays and deductibles for lab work, radiology testing, specialist referrals, and emergency room visits.

Loyola Student Health Portal
Student COVID Case Reporting Form



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