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Pharmacy Information

Student Health Services (SHS) has an internal pharmacy for medications to be dispensed after being seen at this office by a health care provider. Please note - we are unable to process any outside prescriptions from your home physician or specialists. If you have an outside prescription you are looking to fill, we recommend one of the below off-campus pharmacies. 

If during the clinic visit a medication is prescribed, we can dispense both over-the-counter medications and commonly prescribed medications such antibiotics, topical preparations, steroids, etc. for a fee (ranging anywhere from $10-$25). These items can be purchased via cash, credit/debit, check or Evergreen. We do not accept insurance for payment. Please be advised we also do not accept pharmacy plans/insurance flex cards at this time because we do not have the billing department to support this. Please note that a medication receipt will always be provided to student which can be submitted to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.

Off-Campus Pharmacies

For those students who wish to fill prescriptions at nearby pharmacies off-campus, we have provided a list of the ones most readily used by students in close-proximity to campus.

Charlesmead Pharmacy 
6242 Bellona Avenue 
Baltimore MD 21212 
Phone: 410-435-0210 
Fax: 410-323-5025 
Delivery service available- call Charlesmead for more information

5200 York Road 
Baltimore MD 21212 
Phone: 410-433-8603 
Fax: 410-433-2919 
Walking distance from campus, shuttle service also available

3200 St. Paul Street 
Baltimore MD 21218 
Phone: 410-243-1025 
Fax: 410-946-1728

6301 York Road 
Baltimore MD 21212 
Phone: 443-524-4535 
Fax: 443-524-4531

Rite Aid- Rotunda
711 West 40th Street
Baltimore, MD 21211
Phone: 410-467-3343 
Walking distance from campus

4625 Falls Road 
Baltimore, MD 21209 
Phone: 410-662-1670 
Fax: 410-467-4303

Rite Aid  
6300 York Road 
Baltimore MD 21212 
Phone: 410-323-0838 
Fax: 410-323-6043

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