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Pre-Entrance Health Requirements

All undergraduate and graduate students are required to complete the Student Health Profile prior to the start of their first semester. Deadlines are July 1st for entrance in the Fall semester, and January 3rd for entrance in the Spring semester. This profile is to be completed entirely on the Secure Patient Portal. Click the appropriate link below to learn more about these requirements.

Undergraduate Health Requirements Graduate Student Health Requirements

Loyola Student Health Portal
Student COVID Case Reporting Form



→ Our office is very active on social media: @LoyolaMDHealth! Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook for regular updates and announcements!

→ Make sure you check out our taplink site, where you can access all our info with easy-to-navigate clickable features!

→ Information about Loyola's '23-24 school year Covid Operations Plan

→ Information about our new self-care note is now available!

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