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Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

Student health insurance is a mandatory requirement for all full-time undergraduate and graduate students at Loyola University Maryland. The Loyola Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) is a comprehensive student health insurance plan underwritten by United Healthcare and available exclusively to Loyola students actively enrolled in 12 or more credits. SHIP provides ideal coverage for most members of the Loyola community.

In order to ensure coverage, the university automatically enrolls all full-time students in the SHIP and the cost of the plan is charged to the student tuition bill. Students who do not wish to be enrolled in the SHIP must submit an online waiver along with proof of adequate alternate coverage. This waiver is required each academic year without exception. See below for more information.

Students are not required to purchase the SHIP sponsored by the University and can purchase coverage meeting all of the standards of the Affordable Care Act. Loyola University Maryland has secured the services of InsureOneBenefits to assist students with a search of alternative health insurance plans. You can reach InsureOneBenefits at 800-722-7331

Purpose of Health Insurance Requirement

The purpose of the health insurance requirement is to ensure that students have adequate coverage and to avoid the accumulation of unexpected medical bills that could cause an interruption of one's education. The American College Health Association notes the “SHIPs are an outstanding value for students due to robust and broad coverage, often at half the cost of comparable employee plans…SHIPs are uniquely designed for the lifestyles of college students".

Insurance & Student Health Services

While insurance is required for all students, the Loyola Student Health Services office does not bill insurance for services provided in our office. Student health insurance is utilized for send out laboratory testing only. Any charges accrued during a visit are due at the time of services and are payable by cash, credit/debit, check or Evergreen card. Please see our Clinical Fees page for more information.

Guest Membership Coverage

Out-of-State students utilizing an HMO health plan may not be covered for routine medical care unless that care is provided in their home state. Most major health insurance companies offer special programs for students attending college in another state. These programs are referred to as Guest Memberships or Out-of-State Coverage. A Guest Membership Plan will provide medical coverage to the student while they are pursuing a degree out-of-state. These plans are normally available at no additional cost.

To determine if you will have coverage for all medical care, contact your insurance company to explain that you will be attending college in another state. Our student health insurance broker, RCM&D, can advise you on how to obtain a Guest Membership or Out-of-State Coverage. Contact: Paige Fritze at 800-346-4075 extension 1607 or email

2024-2025 Plan Year Information

The student health insurance plan for the 2024-2025 academic year is being underwritten by United Healthcare Insurance Company for coverage effective August 15, 2024 – August 14, 2025.

Enroll or Waive Coverage

The deadline to take action on the SHIP is August 31, 2024


The cost of the Student Health Insurance plan is charged directly to the student tuition bill.




Annual $3,788 $5,447

Waiver Requirement

Students who do not wish to retain the SHIP must file an online waiver each academic year to have the charge removed from their tuition bill. This is referred to as a “hard waiver.” A waiver is required each academic year without exception. All waivers must be completed by the posted deadline. The waiver must be submitted online. Providing insurance information to Student Health Services does not substitute for the waiver requirement. Once the waiver is received and approved, the insurance charge will be removed from the student bill within 7-10 business days.

Any student failing to complete the online waiver by the deadline will automatically be enrolled in the student health insurance plan and will held responsible for the cost of the insurance. Once enrolled the plan cannot be cancelled and no refunds are available. There are no exceptions.

Waiver Criteria

To waive SHIP coverage, please review your current plan to be sure that you have comparable coverage based on Loyola’s waiver criteria below. If you are from out-of-state, we strongly recommend that you check with your insurance provider to be certain that your plan benefits extend to the state of Maryland. Specifically for diagnostic testing (lab work and x-rays) and referrals to specialists. Some HMOs offer guest membership plans which provide healthcare benefits to continue at the same level when away from home. Please contact your HMO insurance provider to find out if this option is available.

You will be asked these five questions when you go online to waive coverage. All answers must be yes or your request to waive will be denied.

  1. My plan is provided by a company licensed to do business in the United States, with a U.S. claims payment office and a U.S. phone number.
  2. My plan is currently active, and I agree to maintain health insurance coverage throughout the entire 2022/2023 academic year.
  3. My plan covers inpatient and outpatient medical care in Maryland.
  4. My plan covers inpatient and outpatient mental health and alcohol abuse in Maryland.
  5. My plan provides coverage for prescription drugs in Maryland.

Download Plan Documents


For assistance or questions with online enrollment or the waiver process, please contact Paige Fritze at 800-346-4075 extension 1607 or email

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