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Graduate Student Health Requirements

All Graduate students are required to complete the Student Health Profile prior to the start of their first semester. The below requirements must be completed at least 30 days prior to the start date of classes.

Please note: students in programs with classes that are strictly online must complete the Student Health History form, but are not required to comply with immunization requirements. Students who have already completed these requirements as a Loyola undergrad student do not need to submit another health profile.

This profile is to be completed entirely on the Secure Patient Portal.

Health Profile Instructions
Enter the Secure Loyola Patient Portal

Health Profile Requirements

There is no required form that needs to be completed by the students doctor, and a physical is not required. Please keep in mind that while we do not require a physical examination, we still strongly encourage having one completed with your primary care provider prior to your start at Loyola. We advise you to make an appointment with them as soon as possible so that you can also receive any necessary vaccinations or blood titer tests in order to ensure your health profile is completed by the required deadline.

  1. Forms - In the "Forms" section of the Patient Portal, please complete the following:
    1. Complete the Student Health History
    2. Complete the Consent for Treatment
  2. Uploads - In the "Upload" section of the Patient Portal please upload the following documents:
    1. Immunization records and/or lab results for titers
    2. Insurance card (front and back)
  3. Immunizations - In the "Immunizations" section of the Patient Portal please enter dates each required vaccination was received (see below for requirements)
  4. Insurance (Full-time students only; Deadline: August 31, 2023) - In the "Insurance" section of the Patient Portal, choose to enroll or waive coverage in the Loyola sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan. Insurance is required for all full-time Loyola University students. The Insurance portal will open for Graduate Students on July 24, 2023.

Immunization Requirements

The below immunizations are required for all* Loyola University Students, both residents and commuters. Our immunization requirements follow the guidelines set by the American College Health Association and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Maryland law requires that all students living in campus housing receive the Meningitis (ACWY) vaccine.

*Students in programs with classes that are strictly online must complete the Student Health History form, but are not required to comply with immunization requirements.

Immunization Details
MMR Vaccine

Two doses administered after the students first birthday

Antibody blood titer tests will be accepted as proof of immunity in lieu of vaccinations. Please submit a copy of lab results with your completed health profile information online.

Meningitis ACWY Vaccine

(Menactra, Menveo, or MenQuadfi)

One dose after age 16 (required by Maryland State law for all new students)

Vaccination is important for college students to reduce the risk for potentially fatal meningococcal disease. Studies have shown that college students who live in residence halls or dormitories have a slightly higher risk of meningococcal disease.

Tdap Vaccine


One dose within the past ten years

If last Tdap was more than 10 years ago, student needs either a Td or Tdap booster

All students will also complete a Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire as part of their Student Health History. The purpose of the TB screening questions is to identify persons with increased risk for TB who may require further testing and evaluation. Students who answer "yes" to any of the screening questions will need to provide the results of a Tuberculosis Skin Test (PPD) or the Quantiferon Gold/T-spot (lab test).

Strongly Recommended Immunizations

These immunizations are strongly recommended, although they are not required for admission.

Immunization Details

Covid-19 Vaccine

At least one bivalent mRNA COVID-19 vaccine (as recommended by the CDC)
Influenza Vaccine Received annually, preferably in October

Recommended Immunizations

Loyola Student Health Portal
Student COVID Case Reporting Form



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