Grand Seminar

The Natural and Applied Sciences Grand Seminar 2019

Molecular parasitologist and virologist Elodie Ghedin to speak at Grand Seminar

Loyola University Maryland’s academic division of natural and applied sciences will present the 2019 Grand Seminar on Thursday, Sept. 26, at 6:30 p.m. in McGuire Hall. This year’s Grand Seminar will feature Elodie Ghedin, Ph.D., a professor of epidemiology and global public health, molecular parasitologist, and virologist at the Center for Genomics and Systems Biology at New York University.

Ghedin will present “(Microbial) Networking Going Viral,” a lecture on how respiratory pathogens, including influenza, interact with drug-resistant variants and impact virus evolution. She will also discuss the work being done with microbial and viral ecology in the upper and lower respiratory tract. Ghedin’s research focuses on genomics, infectious diseases, viral infections, and biology. Her wide-ranging research includes the evolution of influenza and severity of the Zika virus, links between HIV and lung microbiome in lung disease patients, sequencing genomes, and parasites. Ghedin has conducted research at the Institute for Genomic Research in Rockville, Md., and previously worked for eight years as a researcher in genomics and infectious diseases at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

The event is free and open to the public. No tickets are required, but registration is encouraged. If you plan to attend the reception and poster presentation starting at 5 p.m., registration is required.


Grand Seminar

Beginning in 2011, natural and applied sciences hosts a yearly seminar with the goal of engaging Loyola students as well as providing an enlightening and informative event for the greater Loyola community. Watch past Grand Seminar presentations..