Sellinger Connect Series

The Sellinger Connect Series brings together a diverse group of Loyola alumni, faculty, and other industry experts to discuss the latest trends, emerging technologies, and disruptive strategies that are shaping the future of business. These panel discussion webinars are held from 5pm-6pm and are open to the public. The series is an excellent way to stay informed on key business topics and connected with Sellinger.

Event Dates for the 2023-2024 Academic Year

October 19 – Fostering a More Human Focused Experience at Work

The recent COVID-19 pandemic radically changed the nature of work. The pandemic forced organizations to change how and from where people worked. This experience showed managers that employees could be trusted to get their work done remotely, but also created a sense that life was more than just work thus prompting employees to seek more flexibility. Furthermore, employee well-being has been significantly impacted since the pandemic as indicated by increased levels of stress, burnout, and loneliness.
One way to combat these issues is to create a more human experience at work. The human experience of work is focused on improving well-being and performance by emphasizing the importance of purpose and meaning at work. To create a more human experience at work, I argue that managers need to focus on three important areas:

1. Fostering Positive Relationships

2. Having Fun at Work

3. Promoting Employee Engagement

Not only has my research shown how important these three areas are to creating a more positive work environment, but these are some of the key pillars being used by Hilton, which has been ranked as the #2 best place to work on Fortune’s 100 Best Places to Work.
Further, the idea of the human experience at work is aligned with two important values from Ignatian Spirituality—Cura Personalis and Contemplatives in Action. By focusing on such values organizations can develop a sense of Magis in their employees both in terms of their well-being and performance. In this conversation, I will lay out my case for this argument and the panelists will provide practical examples from their experiences to provide further context on the importance of creating a human experience at work.


Dr. John Michel
Associate Professor in Management, Loyola University Maryland
Organizational Psychologist


Lynn Argenbright
VP, Employee Benefits Advisor, PSA Insurance & Financial Services 
MBA, Loyola University Maryland 

Aravind Menon
Senior Director Human Resources, Global Grooming at Proctor & Gamble
MBA, Loyola University Maryland

Dave Luvison
Professor & Executive in Residence in Management, Loyola University Maryland


November 16 – Predictive Analytics: Driving More Effective & Successful Marketing Outcomes

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February 8 – Supply Chain 2023 & Beyond: Forging the Future by Applying Pandemic-Era Wisdom 

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March 14 – Enhancing Data Analysis Through the Integration of Economic Theory

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