Experiential Learning and Study Tours

Loyola University Maryland and the Sellinger School of Business believe in the power of experiential learning as a way of deepening the classroom experience. This commitment extends into our Professional’s MBA program curriculum and translates to real-world application in a diverse and changing business environment. Experiential electives consist of domestic or international study tour, the Sellinger Applied Portfolio Fund course, and a consulting practicum. 

Domestic and International Study Tours:

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The Sellinger Applied Portfolio Management

This elective provides students with actual portfolio management experience. Students serve as portfolio and investment managers charged with managing the Sellinger Applied Portfolio Fund in a manner consistent with the core goals and philosophy of the Loyola University Maryland Endowment. Students make use of financial data platforms, the Internet, and other sources of information to create, manage, and monitor this portfolio. Recently, students saw a 20% return on their investments.

The Consulting Practicum

This course provides an opportunity for students to develop and hone skills in project management, leadership and team building, applying classroom concepts to real business problems, and enhancing student resumes with tangible experience. Students work to make a difference in our local community by researching and partnering with an organization to help detect problem areas and identify possible solutions.
For more information about experiential electives, please contact the Office of Graduate Business Programs at 410-617-5067 or mba@loyola.edu.

Loyola’s rigorous curriculum and focus on real-world business problems demanded new avenues of thought, enhanced my natural inclinations, and transformed me into an adaptable leader.

—Awais Akbar ’08

I come from a technical background, and I have the management experience, but the Loyola MBA provided a way to blend the two.

—Martin Feinkeng ’07

All the classes I took, all the professors I learned from and all the fellow colleagues I worked with enriched my education and left me with a piece of knowledge I didn’t have before.

—Mike Barberio ’10

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