Dr. John W. Michel

Busch Faculty Scholar and Associate Professor of Management

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Sellinger Hall, 413
Sellinger School of Business & Management
Loyola University Maryland
4501 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21210

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Academic Biography 

John Michel is the Busch Faculty Scholar and a tenured Associate Professor of Management in the Joseph A. Sellinger, S.J., School of Business & Management at Loyola University Maryland. He holds a Ph.D. in organizational behavior from the University at Albany and an M.S. in industrial-organizational psychology from the University of Baltimore.

As an organizational psychologist and award-winning researcher, he broadly studies leadership and social connections in the workplace. In particular, his research focuses on how organizations can improve performance, well-being, and retention among employees through the development of supportive and collaborative relationships, the implementation of fun workplace practices, and an emphasis on servant leadership. Most recently, his research has focused on how building friendships at work can help combat issues of loneliness and emotional exhaustion plaguing employees in an effort to improve well-being and performance at work. To date Professor Michel has published more than 30 articles and book chapters. His work has been cited more than 2,700 times according to Google Scholar and read more than on 80,000 times according to Researchgate.net.

Professor Michel teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses in the areas of leadership, organizational behavior, and human resources management. He has also consulted for a number of public and private organizations assisting in the development of management training programs, selection and retention practices, employee climate surveys, and other human capital related initiatives.

Professor Michel currently serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Business & Psychology, the Cornell Hospitality Quarterly and the Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies and regularly serves as an ad-hoc reviewer for a number of other top journals in the fields of management and applied psychology. 

Selected Publications

Michel, J.W., Tews, M.J., & Tracey, J.B. (2020). Validating effective managerial behaviors for the hospitality industry. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 32 (6), 2175-2193.

Tews, M.J., Michel, J.W., & Stafford, K. (2020). Social support and turnover among entry-level service employees: Differentiating type, source, and basis of attachment. Human Resource Management, 59, 221-234.

Tews, M.J., Michel, J.W., & Stafford, K. (2019). Abusive coworker treatment, coworker support, and employee turnover. Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, 26 (4), 413-423.

Michel, J.W., Tews, M.J., & Allen, D.G. (2019). Fun in the workplace: A review and expanded theoretical perspective. Human Resource Management Review, 29 (1), 98-110.

Michel, J.W. (2017). Antecedents of organizational citizenship behaviors: Examining the incremental validity of self-interest and prosocial motives. Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 24 (1), 385-400.

Tews, M.J., Michel, J.W., & Noe, R.A. (2017). Does fun promote learning? The relationship between fun in the workplace and informal learning. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 98, 46-55.

Michel, J.W., & Tews, M.J. (2016). Does leader-member exchange accentuate the relationship between leader behaviors and organizational citizenship behaviors? Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 23 (1), 13-26.

Tews, M.J., Michel, J.W., Xu, S., & Drost, A. (2015). Workplace fun matters…but what else? Employee Relations, 37 (2), 248-267.

Michel, J.W., Tews, M.J., & Kavanagh, M.J. (2014). Development of the customer-centered behavior measure. Service Industries Journal, 34 (13), 1075-1091.

Tews, M.J., Michel, J.W., & Allen, D.G. (2014). Fun and friends: The impact of workplace fun and constituent attachment on turnover in a hospitality context. Human Relations, 67 (8), 923-946.

Tews, M.J., Stafford, K., & Michel, J.W. (2014). Life happens and people matter: Critical events, constituent attachment, and turnover among part-time hospitality employees. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 38, 99-105.

Tews, M.J., Michel, J.W., & Stafford, K. (2013). Does fun pay? The impact of workplace fun on employee turnover and performance. Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 54 (4), 370-382
* Winner of the Best Paper Award in the Cornell Hospitality Quarterly for 2013

Tews, M.J., Michel, J.W., & Ellingson, J.E. (2013). The impact of coworker support on employee turnover in the hospitality industry. Group & Organization Management, 38 (5), 630-653.

Michel, J.W., Wallace, D.L., & Rawlings, R.A. (2013). Charismatic leaders: The role of admiration and system-justification. Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 34 (5) 469-487.

Michel, J.W., Kavanagh, M.J., & Tracey, J.B. (2013). Got support? The impact of supportive work practices on the perceptions, motivation, and behavior of customer-contact employees. Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 54 (2), 161-173.
* Finalist for the Best Paper Award in the Cornell Hospitality Quarterly for 2013

Personal Information

John lives in Maryland with his wife and two daughters. He’s an award-winning homebrewer. In his spare time, he likes hiking, kayaking, running, and playing the guitar.  John especially likes to travel with his family. His favorite trip to date was hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.