Dr. Qiyu (Jason) Zhang

Professor of Marketing
Marketing Department Chair


Sellinger Hall 423


Jason Q. Zhang is the chair of the Department of Marketing and Professor of Marketing at the Sellinger School of Business, Loyola University Maryland. He holds a doctoral degree in business administration (concentrated in marketing) and master's and bachelor's degrees in statistics and finance. His research focuses on marketing strategies in various business contexts, including customer experience, social media, branding, ROI of marketing, and corporate social responsibility. His work has appeared in premier academic journals and received recognition from leading research institutions, such as the Marketing Science Institute, the Wharton School’s Interactive Media Center, and the Lattanze Center of Information Management Systems. Presently, Jason teaches marketing management, customer management, and strategy courses at the undergraduate, graduate, and executive levels. His teaching and executive training have won him numerous awards, including the EMBA Teacher of the Year (three times) and the University’s and Dean’s Teaching Excellence Awards. His graduate classes also enjoyed appearing in the popular press including the Baltimore Sun. Most recently, he was the recipient of the Harry W. Rodgers Distinguished Teacher of the Year Award – the highest teaching award at Loyola.

Academic Degrees

Ph.D. (Marketing), University of Georgia
M.S. (Statistics), University of Georgia
B.S. (Finance), Fudan University

Representative Publications

Klink, Richard R., Zhang, Jason Q. and Gerard A. Athaide (2021), "Measuring Customer Experience Management and Its Impact on Financial Performance," European Journal of Marketing, 55 (3), 840-867.

Klink, Richard R., Zhang, Jason Q., and Gerard A. Athaide (2020), “Designing a Customer Experience Management Course,” Journal of Marketing Education, 42 (2), 157-169.

Athaide, Gerard A., Zhang, Jason Q., and Richard R. Klink (2019), “Buyer Relationships when Developing New Products: A Contingency Model,” Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 34 (2), 426-438

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Athaide, Gerard A., Jason Q. Zhang, and Richard R. Klink (2019), “Buyer Relationships When Developing New Products: A Contingency Model,” Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 34(2), 426-438.

Yi, Boram, Jason Q. Zhang and Qinna Shen (2018), “Chinese Culture and Its Impact on Today’s Consumers and Markets,” in Commercial Real Estate Development in China – Framework and Case Studies, edited by Tobias Just and Xin Lu (ISSN: 2197-7720), University of Regensburg Publishing, Regensburg, Germany, 4-14. (Refereed Book Chapter)

Craciun, Georgian, Dongwoo Shin, and Jason Q. Zhang (2017), “Safe Driving Communication: A Regulatory Focus Perspective,” Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 16(6), 50-60.

Pan, Yue, and Jason Q. Zhang (2014), “The Editorial Boards of General Marketing Journals: Institutional Affiliation and Gender Distribution,” Journal of Marketing Education, 36(1), 33-44.

Zhang, Jason Q., Hong Zhu, and Hung-bin Ding (2013) "Board Composition and Corporate Social Responsibility: An Empirical Investigation in the Post Sarbanes-Oxley Era," Journal of Business Ethics, 114(3), 381-392.

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Athaide, Gerard A., and Jason Q. Zhang (2011), "The Determinants of Seller-Buyer Interactions during New Product Development in Technology-Based, Industrial Markets," Journal of Product Innovation Management, 28 (S1), 146-158.

Zhang, Jason Q., Georgiana Craciun, and Dongwoo Shin (2010), "When Does Electronic Word-of-Mouth Matter? A Study of Online Consumer Product Reviews," Journal of Business Research, 63 (12), 1336-1341.

Zhang, Jason Q., Ashutosh Dixit, and Roberto Friedmann (2010), "Customer Loyalty and Lifetime Value: An Empirical Investigation of Consumer Packaged Goods," Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 18 (2), 129-141.

Lorenzi, Peter, Jason Q. Zhang, and Roberto Friedmann (2010), "Looking for Sin in All the Wrong Places: An Empirical Test of the Affluenza Construct," Journal of Behavioral and Applied Management, 11(3), 232-248.

Zhang, Jason Q., Ashutosh Dixit, and Roberto Friedmann (2009), "Are Loyal Customers More Profitable? An Empirical Investigation," Journal of Academy of Business and Economics, 9 (2), 173-182.

Awards and Honors

The Harry W. Rodgers III Distinguished Teacher of the Year, Loyola University, 2021

Faculty Member, Alpha Sigma Nu, Honor Society of Jesuit Universities

Faculty Member, Beta Gamma Sigma, International Honor Society for College Schools of Business

Executive MBA "Most Valued Professor" Award, EMBA class of 2016

Executive MBA "Most Valued Professor" Award, EMBA class of 2012

Dean's Teaching Excellence Award, Loyola University Maryland, 2011

Executive MBA "Most Valued Professor" Award, EMBA class of 2011 (EMBA class appeared in the Baltimore Sun, Feb. 13, 2011)

Professional Experience

Peer reviewer (ad hoc) for numerous academic journals including the Marketing Science, Journal of Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Interactive Marketing, and European Journal of Marketing

Professional Memberships

American Marketing Association
Association of Consumer Research