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Loyola's Communication Department is an actively engaged group that focuses on excellence in teaching and work outside the classroom. The curriculum prepares students to be communication experts for their professional career after Loyola and as lifelong learners.

Faculty members encourage students to become involved in the program beyond the classroom experience through engagement in co-curricular activities including GreyComm Studios, The Greyhound and WLOY. The faculty also assists upperclassmen in obtaining internships for credit throughout the year. The hope is that all students will want to become involved in department activities and contribute to an engaging academic environment and the Baltimore community.

Department Chair 
Dr. Sara Magee Headshot Photo

Dr. Sara Magee

Associate Professor and Chair



Teaching Areas: Broadcast and Backpack Journalism, Media Ethics and Social Media & Culture

Dr. Masudul Biswas Headshot Photo

Dr. Masudul Biswas

Associate Professor and Assistant Chair

Office number: 410-617-6753


Teaching Areas: Web I, Web II, Mobile Media, Digital Tools, Capstone in Web & Print, User Experience, and  Emerging Media & Society. 


Research Interests: Community and Ethnic Media, Online News and Public Affairs, Global Media, Diversity and Communication/Media Education, Curriculum Development on Communication for Development.


Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty
Dr. Elliot King Headshot Photo

Dr. Elliot King




Teaching Areas: Media Culture and Society, Digital Culture, Emerging Media

Dr. Amy Bree Becker Photo

Dr. Amy Becker

Associate Professor


Website: https://amybreebecker.com/

Twitter: @amybree


Teaching Areas: Introduction to Communication, Media, Culture and Society, Political Communication, Public Opinion and Political Entertainment

Research Areas: Public Opinion, Political Entertainment & Comedy, Elections & Political Engagement, and New Media


Dr. Gregory Hoplamazian Headshot Photo 

Dr. Greg Hoplamazian

Associate Professor



Teaching Areas: Introduction to Advertising, Advertising and Society, Ad Copywriting

Research Areas: Advertising & Consumer Identity, Crisis Communication on Social Media, and Native Advertising

Dr. Jonathan Lillie Headshot Photo  

Dr. Jonathan Lillie

Associate Professor



Teaching Areas: Journalism, Interactive Media, Online Journalism, Web Design

Dr. Paola Pascual-Ferra Headshot Photo  

Dr. Paola Pascual-Ferrá

Associate Professor


Teaching Areas: Fundamentals of Advertising & Public Relations, Communication Research Methods, Health Communication and User Experience

 Dr. Tania Rosas-Moreno Headshot Photo  

Dr. Tania Cantrell Rosas-Moreno




Teaching Areas:  Introduction to Public Relations, Writing for Public Relations, International Public Relations, Senior Capstone in Public Relations

 Dr. Karsonya Wise Whitehead headshot photo  

Dr. Karsonya (Kaye) Wise Whitehead

Associate Professor

Director, The Karson Institute for Race, Peace, & Social Justice
Website: http://kayewisewhitehead.com/
Academic Page: http://loyola.academia.edu/KayeWiseWhitehead
Twitter: @kayewhitehead

Teaching Areas: Introduction to Communication, Story Development and Scripting, Documentary Tradition, Documentary Production, Baltimore Stories Project

Assistant Teaching Professors
Professor Belz Photo

David Belz
Lecturer in Advertising and Public Relations
Teaching Areas: Introduction to Communication, Fundamentals of Advertising and Public Relations, Writing for Advertising and Public Relations

 Professor Blair Headshot Photo  

Gerard Blair
Lecturer in Advertising
Teaching Areas: Introduction to Advertising, Senior Capstone in Advertising, Ad Copywriting

 Noelle Dichiera Photo

Noelle Dichiera

Lecturer in Digital Media


Teaching Areas: Graphics I, Graphics II, Web I, Digital Tools



Professor Glick Photo

Jenny Glick
Lecturer in Journalism
Teaching Areas: Reporting & Writing, Media Storytelling, Broadcast News, Public Speaking

 Professor Newton Photo

April Newton

Lecturer in Multimedia


Teaching Areas: Mass Media Ethics, Multimedia Storytelling, Writing for Mass Media, Documentary Traditions & Production, and Advanced TV Reporting

Professor Nguyen Photo

Nguyen Nguyen
Lecturer in Digital Media
Teaching Areas: Video I, Video II, Animation & Motion Graphics, Multimedia Storytelling, Graphics I

   Molly Robey
Teaching Areas: Multimedia Storytelling, Media Writing
   Katie Wollman
Teaching Area: Digital Media, Media Writing

Part-Time Affiliate Faculty

  Bryan Babcock
Digital Media, Emerging Media
 Professor Nora Frenkiel Photograph

Nora Frenkiel

Lecturer in Communication/Writing


Teaching Areas: Media Writing, Travel Reporting & Journalism Capstone

  Elli Lieberman
Teaching Area:  Media and the Political Process 
  Dr. Timothy Tooten, Sr.
Teaching Area: Broadcast Journalism 
  Reagan Warfield
Teaching Areas: Introduction to Radio, Advanced Radio Production, Podcasting 
  Joseph Winter
Teaching Areas: Introduction to Public Relations and Writing for Public Relations
  Charles Yankovich


Teaching Areas: Free Speech, Free Expression

Professor Emeriti

Dr. Neil Alperstein


Dr. Russell J. Cook

Dr. Andrew Ciofalo



Erin Richardson Headshot Photo

Erin Richardson, M.A.
Director of Program Operations, Emerging Media Graduate Program


Chris Kimani
Program Assistant

Apprentice House Director
 Dr. Kevin Atticks photograph

Dr. Kevin Atticks

Teaching Areas: Introduction to Communication, Public Relations, Graphic Design, Magazine and Book Publishing

Campus Media Managers
John Devecka Headshot Photo

Mr. John Devecka
WLOY-Radio, Bellarmine Hall

Advising Area: WLOY-Radio Operations Manager

H. Jay Dunmore
College Center M012B

Teaching Areas: Video I, Video Animation

Advising Area:GreyComm Studios

Peter Bieneman

Peter Bieneman

Landscape architect and 1990 graduate proves Jesuit education helps you grow

 Jay O’Brien, wearing a headset, stands in a broadcast booth in Raven's stadium

From Evergreen to the NFL

As a student, Jay O’Brien, ’05, interned for the Baltimore Ravens. Today he’s the team’s VP of Broadcasting and Gameday Productions.