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Clubs and Organizations

Our faculty, alumni, and students are affiliated with several clubs and organizations related to the field of psychology. We encourage students to participate in these groups, as there are several advantages to belonging to these and other psychology-related groups.

Membership allows students to participate in outings and listen to guest speakers. It offers an excellent environment to share ideas regarding specific areas of psychology, a common bond. It is a good opportunity to network with professionals in the field and enhance your resume. Graduate schools as well as psychology professionals admire a student who is active in extracurricular activities. It indicates motivation and personal commitment.

  • Loyola Chapter of Psi Chi
    The National Honor Society in Psychology
  • The Phi Beta Kappa Society
    Loyola Chapter, Epsilon of Maryland
    The Nation's Oldest and Most Widely Known Academic Honor
  • Maryland Psychological Association of Graduate Students
    Graduate Student Division of the Maryland Psychological Association