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Increasing Belonging at Loyola

Students with paintbrushes, students writing on banner, students playing ukulele

We are all responsible and accountable for encouraging the belonging of all in our community. Here's how you can do your part.

Individuals who desire greater belonging

  • Join a club or organization based on an identity you have or a passion that you want to pursue
  • Work on projects and prepare for exams in a group
  • Engage in peer mentoring and tutoring
  • Step out of your bubble and try a new activity
  • Seek connections with a professor, your R.A., your T.A., or your Messina mentor

Students who want to build a community of stronger belonging

  • Invite someone to join a club or organization where you're a member
  • Create a shared Google document for classmates to add notes and answer each other's questions
  • Create a study group to prepare for exams – you're all in this together!
  • Recognize and express accomplishments/growth
  • Ask someone to join you for a cup of coffee or tea
  • Be mindful of the impact that the décor in your room, on your backpack, or on your laptop might have on others

Faculty & Staff - Let's do our part

  • Actively discuss belonging with your students – in and out of the classroom
  • Cultivate a relationship with students (Get to know students; give them space to discuss their individual needs)
  • Use a student's preferred pronouns
  • Foster a sense of community in the classroom by establishing classroom respect
  • Recognize and express accomplishments/growth
  • Create opportunities for students to engage with each other through group projects
  • Be mindful of asking students to talk about their personal experiences related to an aspect of identity versus having them speak for a group of which they are a member
  • Call Disability Support Services instead of asking students about their accommodations in front of the class
  • Pay attention to the décor in your office and images/language in your class materials and how it might impact students
  • Help students get connected to appropriate resources

However you are connected to the Loyola community, there are ways for you to contribute to the sense of belonging within our community.

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