Loyola University Maryland

Counseling Center

Send a Virtual Care Package

Wrapped care packageThe current circumstances in our communities and across the globe are unlike anything any of us have ever experienced. In the process of adjusting to these new circumstances, many people are struggling to cope with feelings of loss, anxiety, and uncertainty.

If you know someone who could use resources to help cope, consider sending them a virtual care package!

When you’re sending your care package, consider using the following template if you’re unsure of a message to send:

“Dear [recipient’s name],

I’m thinking about you and wishing you wellness in the form of creativity, nature, cooking, and more. I hope this care package brings you joy and strength!

[Your Name]”

Please feel free to download these files as many times as you need, and to send them to anyone you’d like. Whether they are a part of the Loyola community or not, anyone can benefit from these resources!

Remember that these are difficult times, and that your feelings are valid. Don’t forget about yourself! Check out these files for your own self-care needs to see if there is something that can be helpful with your mental health.