Loyola University Maryland

Counseling Center

Medical and Sexual Health Concerns

Concerns involving medical or sexual health can be especially distressing when one is away from home. Some of the more common health-related concerns:

  • coping emotionally with a chronic illness
  • being newly diagnosed with an illness
  • serious illness in a friend or family member
  • fear of stigma associated with medical illness or sexual health
  • injury affecting your athletic abilities
  • concerns related to sexual functioning
  • fears of a medical or sexual nature

Each such concern brings with it special challenges. There might be ongoing grief and anger related to loss of function. How might you explain your illness, and any special needs or limitations, to your friends? How do you balance your life at college with your worries about a sick family member? How can you continue to function academically and socially despite your anxiety? How do you best cope with the disappointment/depression/etc. resulting from a sports injury? How do you know when your fears are truly excessive--and if they are, what to do about it? 

Student Health and Education Services primarily helps with the direct medical dimensions of various health concerns, and Disability Support Services can arrange appropriate accommodations when relevant, while the Counseling Center offers support for the emotional dimensions of your health concerns. Our counselors can meet with you for consultation, brief individual counseling and, if relevant, assist you with appropriate referrals.

For assistance regarding the diagnosis or treatment of medical issues, contact Student Health and Education Services. For assistance arranging accommodations for health-related conditions, contact Disability Support Services.

For concerns related to sexual assault and intimate partner violence, please review Sexual Assault and Intimate Partner Violence.