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LGBTQ+ Services

Coming Out

If you are in the coming out process, or if you are struggling with others' reactions to you, there are resources on and off campus to help.

Loyola's LGBTQ Services webpage offers a comprehensive list of services.

Coming out can be a lifelong process. Some people may choose to never come out, and that is okay. You can also question your sexual or romantic orientation and gender identity at any age. This is your unique journey. You never have to come out if you don’t want to. Some people may find safety in not coming out, some people don’t feel they need to share. Whatever your reason or decision, it is yours to make.  

For some people who choose to come out, it can feel liberating, like a party! Some people feel like it is just another day, like a walk in the park. Some people feel like they are grieving, like saying goodbye to an old self. Some people feel like they are letting out a heavy feeling, like a weight off their shoulders. Sexual and gender identity can be fluid and often without a label that feels like the “right fit.”


Counseling Center
150 Humanities Center

Time & Space: Trans Support Group
A group for transgender, non-binary, and queer-questioning students that engages in discussion with others who share similar experiences and identities on topics that include religion, coming out, relationships, and family in a confidential and safe space. Contact Sunny Swift at for details.

LGBTQIA+ Social Club for students on Loyola’s campus

The Experience
LGBTQIA+ Advocacy Club for students on Loyola’s campus

Campus Ministry
Cohn Hall 100

A student-run and student-focused Ignatian LGBTQIA+ conference. Campus Ministry and the Counseling Center lead an annual delegation of 10+ students to attend the conference. The 2017-2018 academic year conference was hosted by Loyola University Maryland in February 2018. 

Chase Brexton LGBT Health Resource Center
1111 N Charles Street, 2nd Floor, Baltimore, MD 21201
410-837-2050 ext. 1049

The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center of Baltimore
2530 N Charles Street, 3rd Floor, Baltimore, MD 21218

Trevor Project
Help Line: 866-488-7386

Trans Lifeline
Help Line: 877-565-8860

Consider Togetherall, a 24/7 confidential peer to peer mental wellness resource, free to all enrolled Loyola students. Register here today.

How to Be an Ally

Remember how much courage is involved in coming out. If someone you care about is struggling, help them find support. In addition to being a caring friend you can also be supportive by challenging any forms of discrimination or bias that are disrespectful and harmful to persons who identify as LGBTQIA+. When you adopt the attitude that any form of bias is unacceptable and are vocal about this attitude, even by objecting to degrading jokes or statements made by others, your advocacy will help to create a respectful and inviting campus climate for everyone.

To learn more about how to be an advocate on campus, participate in Loyola’s Safe Zone training, open to faculty, staff and students.

The Counseling Center located in Humanities 150 is open M-F from 8:30am until 5pm (EST) and closed when the university is closed. If you would like to make an appointment with a counselor, schedule an appointment online, stop by our office, or call 410-617-2273.

Contact Us

Humanities, Room 150
One flight up the turret entrance
Phone: 410-617-CARE (2273)

Call to schedule an appointment
Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.


REACT Online

REACT is an online video that explains how to help yourself or someone you care about cope in healthy ways after a distressing life event (such as a trauma, assault, or loss).