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Choudhury Sarkar-Dey Medal

The Choudhury Sarkar-Dey Support Fund for the Natural and Applied Sciences 

Dipa Sarkar DeyThe Choudhury Sarkar-Dey Support Fund for the Natural and Applied Sciences was established in 2019 through the generous philanthropy of professor of mathematics and statistics Dipa Sarkar-Dey, Ph.D. A portion of the fund supports students in the Natural and Applied Sciences and part funds the Choudhury Sarkar-Dey medal, the first divisional medal at Loyola University Maryland. This medal is presented to an exemplary undergraduate senior majoring in the sciences who shows commitment to diversity and engagement with community service and justice.

Dr. Sarkar-Dey retired in 2019 after 35 years as a member of Loyola’s faculty, serving as department chair for Mathematics & Statistics for 9 years. Her journey from Bangladesh to the U.S., challenges and experiences in academia are truly inspiring. We are incredibly grateful for Dr. Sarkar-Dey’s contributions to Loyola’s community and the Natural and Applied Sciences.  Read more about Dr. Sarkar-Dey in Loyola Magazine.

2021 Choudhury Sarkar-Dey Medal Recipient

Brunilda Neufeld, '21, Choudhury Sarkar-Dey medal recipientBiology major Brunilda Neufeld, '21 is the 2021 recipient of the Choudhury Sarkar-Dey medal.  An actively-engaged member of Loyola's community and the local Baltimore community, Bruni has served as a leader for student groups including Loyola's Outdoor Adventure Experience (OAE) and the student chapter of Doctor's Without Borders.  According to Bruni, her most impactful experience while at Loyola was time spent as an advocate and resource team coordinator for Health Outreach Baltimore, a Loyola program in partnership with Mercy Medical Center, connecting local clients with community resources.  She writes, "My experiences at Loyola and, in particular, my experiences as a Health Outreach Baltimore advocate have shaped my understanding of what strong communities look like and feel like. These communities have shaped me into the strong-willed, passionate woman I am today, and into the devoted and compassionate physician, I hope to one day become. Baltimore will always be a home away from home for me, and I am thankful I have been able to give back to a community that has given me so much."

2021 Choudhury Sarkar-Dey Medal Finalists

  • Romie Azor (nominated by Chemistry & Biochemistry)
  • Ryan DeVillier (nominated by Engineering)
  • Alexandra Fernandez (nominated by Computer Science)
  • Hannah Grinblatas (nominated by Math & Statistics)
  • Kenneth Marcelino (nominated by Physics)
  • Brunilda Neufeld (nominated by Biology)

2020 Choudhury Sarkar-Dey Medal Recipient

2020 NAS medalist Sarah KujalaThe inaugural recipient of the Choudhury Sarkar-Dey medal is biology major Sarah Kujala, '20. Sarah is a stellar student and holds a special place in her heart for helping those with special needs. She has developed a relationship between Loyola and Kennedy Kreiger High School (KKHS), a special needs high school neighboring Ridley Athletic Complex. Through this connection, she has fostered opportunities for disadvantaged and special needs youth to experience university life and culture at Loyola as part of the Greyhound family.  Sarah writes, "As a student, I found myself immersed in the surrounding Baltimore community in so many different ways. I began to understand how many people the 'community' included, whether it was the students on campus, those living right next door, or those in the hospital fifteen minutes down the street from our beautiful campus... Loyola’s mission became a part of who I am in every aspect. Every moment from these experiences will be with me as a persist on into my career in the medical field. I know I can help those who are disadvantaged and not just those who are disabled, because I have these values ingrained." 

2020 Choudhury Sarkar-Dey Medal Finalists

  • Ann Ernst (nominated by Engineering)
  • Sarah Kujala (nominated by Biology)
  • Chiara Maalouf (nominated by Computer Science)
  • Zac Metzler (nominated by Mathematics and Statistics)
  • Ethan Mullen (nominated by Physics)
  • Jennifer Valencia (nominated by Chemistry and Biochemistry)