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Kodály FAQs

What kind of background do I need to apply? I do not have a bachelor's degree in music. Can I still apply?
We recommend our students have a strong background in music, including the ability to read western music notation. While highly recommended, no students are required to have a bachelor's degree in music.
What can I do with a Kodály certificate?
Many of our graduates continue to teach music in schools, private studios, or community and professional choirs. OAKE endorsed Kodály certificate holders are eligible to teach in other Kodály training programs.
I completed a Kodály level in another program. Will it transfer into the master's program? Will it transfer into the certificate program?
If you successfully completed one or more Kodály levels in another OAKE endorsed certificate program, those courses will transfer into the certificate only program. If you successfully completed Kodály level(s) for master's credit at another program, a transfer of credits is determined on a case-by-case basis.
Who are typical students at AKI? Am I good fit for this program?
Most AKI students are music educators in elementary schools and private schools or churches. They are collegial, creative, and dedicated to their professions. Many frequently go on to publish music and articles, become leaders and artistic directors, and present at state and national conferences. AKI is the place to follow your passion and find your path.
How long is the program?
The master’s degree program takes four summers to complete. The degree must be completed within 5 years of the start date. The certificate program takes three summers to complete.
How is the program structured?
The master’s students are on campus three weeks each July for face-to-face classes and takes four summers to complete. All students rehearse in choir together and share a common lunch time. Students enrolled in the certificate program will be on campus for two weeks each July, for three summers total. Students in the certificate program have the option of applying to the master’s degree program after the first summer should they wish.
Do I have to do all four levels to complete the master’s?
To complete the Master of Education in Kodály Music Education degree and earn a Kodály certificate, students will take 9 graduate credits for 4 summers, totaling 36 credits. The degree must be completed within 5 years of the start date.
Are there any courses offered online?
All courses are held in person and meet on campus in July.
What type of funding is available?
Merit-based scholarships are available to first-year students in the master’s degree program.
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