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Kodály Policies

Entrance Requirements

The American Kodály Institute is a graduate program for music educators who hold a bachelor's degree or higher in Music or Music Education.

Students may be asked to participate in the Musicianship Fundamentals course, and/or other course preparation in order to meet the prerequisites for admission. The degree requirement cannot be waived for students taking courses for graduate credit.

Transfer Students

Due to the unique content of AKI courses and the number of credit hours per course, AKI/Loyola does not accept transfer credits from other institutions toward the Master of Education in Kodály Music Education.

Registration Deadlines

Students will register for courses via the Student Planning feature within the Inside Loyola portal. Course registration will close two days before the start of courses. Late registrations must take place by the first day of classes.

Course Prerequisites

Level I courses are prerequisites for Level II courses. Level II courses are prerequisites for Level III courses. There are no prerequisites for Level IV courses or Musicianship Fundamentals.

Important note for Level I students: Solid basic musicianship skills are a prerequisite for Musicianship I. Students who need an introductory or brush-up course should enroll in Musicianship Fundamentals, offered a week prior to the start of regular courses. To determine their readiness for Musicianship I, students will take the Musicianship Assessment Test prior to course registration.

Academic Standards

Loyola students in the choir roomAKI courses maintain a high standard of academic rigor. In order to complete a course successfully, students are expected to do the following:

  • Attend every class and arrive promptly.
  • Engage in skill practice and completion of assignments in the evening and on weekends.
  • Turn in all assignments and projects on time, completed in a scholarly manner.
  • Actively participate in class activities.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the required knowledge and skills.

Kodály master's degree candidates must complete the entire menu of core courses (9 credits) at each level. This requires a full schedule of classes during the day in addition to several hours of practice and homework in the evening and on weekends. It is essential that certification students clear their schedules of other activities while participating in the summer institute. Students who live more than 30 minutes away from Loyola are strongly advised to stay in residence hall housing during the program.

In order to receive a grade report and be eligible to progress to the next level, all course requirements must be completed successfully and all fees must be paid in full.

Substitute Faculty, Closed Registration, and Cancellations

The American Kodály Institute reserves the right to substitute faculty.

The American Kodály Institute reserves the right to close enrollment for any course for which enrollment numbers exceed class size limits.

The American Kodály Institute reserves the right to cancel courses for which there is insufficient enrollment, when instructors become unavailable due to illness or emergency, or when any other circumstances prevent the institute from running one or more courses. AKI's liability in the case of a course cancellation shall be limited to refunding the AKI tuition fees for the canceled course.

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