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Career Mentoring Program

Economics Mentor Program 

The Economics Mentor Program, supported by the Loyola Alumni Association and the Loyola Economics Department, offers Economics Majors in their senior, junior, or second semester sophomore year an opportunity to engage in making a one-on-one connection with an alumni mentor to explore career pathways, develop career readiness skills and expand their professional development.  The program is flexible, as the Mentor and Protégé determine the frequency and type of contact (via phone, in person, Zoom) that best suits their needs. During the matching process, each applicant's unique responses are carefully evaluated to facilitate a match we believe will be mutually successful. 

The Protégé creates his/her own unique Mentoring Agreement, which establishes their career goals as well as the objectives they wish to accomplish during the program. The Mentor will review, evaluate, and expand upon the Mentoring Agreement as needed. The Mentor and Protégé will sign the agreement and submit it to the program administrator.  

Economics Major Protégés 

Any economic major that has completed their first year at Loyola and is looking for career guidance or assistance in identifying their career interests are invited to apply.  When you join the Mentoring Program as a Protégé, you will gain valuable advice and insights on achieving your professional goals or identifying your post-graduation goals.   

Your mentor will be a valuable resource in helping you understand various career pathways and how to reach your career objectives through your mentoring contract.  In addition, you gain exposure to the larger alumni community and begin to build your professional network. This unique experience will allow you to develop a new perspective on the possibilities available to you after graduation. 

One-on-one connection with your Mentor 

The Mentor and Protégé relationship is a casual way to begin to develop pathways towards a future career.  Your mentor will share personal experiences, offer advice, and provide coaching as well as feedback as they help you achieve your objectives. This valuable relationship allows you to acquire real world knowledge which cannot be learned in the classroom. 

Tailor the program to your unique needs

You will have the opportunity to completely tailor the program to your own unique needs and interests when you create your own unique mentoring agreement, which establishes the goals you wish to achieve during the three-month program. In addition, you will be able to confidentially approach a successful professional in your field of interest to seek advice, guidance, and insight about your career objectives. 

Network and expand your opportunities. 

Your personally selected Mentor is an invaluable source of knowledge as well as experience who will provide you with access to the larger Loyola alumni network. This access brings you valuable exposure to a wide variety of professionals working in different industries and job functions, which will open your eyes to the different types of careers and experiences available to you. 

During the program the Chair of the Economics, Jeremy Schwartz will be able to assist you if any issues arise during the course of the program and can be reached at or at (410) 617 – 2919.  

Apply to be a Protégé 

Application Deadline: November 17, 2023 

Economics Mentors 

As a successful member of the Loyola community, you have the power to inspire excellence, motivate, and support fellow economics students. Your knowledge, wisdom, and experience will provide support and career guidance to a Protégé who, in turn, will benefit from your unique experiences and insight. Joining the Mentor Program will allow you to give back to the institution that helped shape your career while allowing you to have a profound impact on the Loyola community. 

Be a Mentor on Your Own Terms 

As a mentor you will work directly with your Protégé to set the parameters around how often you will communicate as well as the method of communication to tailor the program in the way that works best for you. The Mentor may reside in any state and stay connected to the Protégé on a regular basis via phone, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, and/or email. A minimum of three meetings is recommended. 

Build tomorrow's community of successful professionals 

As a Mentor, you prepare the Protégé to be a better employee and leader by counseling them on such topics as how to begin a career using their skill set; develop a career path for future growth; fine-tune resume writing and interviewing skills; and understand the demands of post-graduation life.  You can help inspire, strengthen, and grow Loyola's graduate alumni network. 

During the course of the program, Alumni Engagement is available to help if any issues arise.  Mentors should contact Charlie Hiebler, Director of Alumni Affinity Engagement or by phone at (410) 617 – 2942. 

Apply to be a Mentor

Key Dates 

Application Deadline: November 17, 2023 
Kick-off Event: First week of February  
Mid-way Check in: Mid-March (Protégé only) 
Mentor Program Runs: February 2024 - April 2024 

Please contact Jeremy Schwartz, Chair of the Economics Department, at 410-617-2919 or if you have any questions or require additional information. 

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