Internships and Careers


The economics department at Loyola encourages every student to pursue an internship during the junior or senior year. Students team up with a faculty member in the department to approach the firm or organization. The student is required to write a research paper on a topic related to the internship to obtain the three credits for independent study, and he or she is not paid for their work. Typically, students work 10 hours per week on site (or a combination of on site and on campus). The department's most recent internships have been at the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development, T. Rowe Price, and Maryland Business for Responsive Government.

Career Opportunities

The most basic and enduring strength of economics is that it provides a logical, ordered, quantitative way of analyzing numerous problems and issues. As a result, economics is widely recognized as a solid background for many jobs and professions.

Many Loyola economics majors have applied their training to challenging jobs as economists, financial analysts, or managers in business or government. Some of our students have continued on to receive their Ph.D.s in economics and are now pursuing teaching and research careers. Other students have used economics to prepare for graduate study in related disciplines.

Economics is an essential component of graduate work in other fields such as business management, public administration, law, and international affairs. Our students who have pursued graduate work in these areas attest to the value of their undergraduate economics training in enhancing their performance in their graduate professional programs.