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Degree Programs

Majoring in Economics

The economics department at Loyola offers a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in economics with a concentration in general economics or quantitative economics in the Loyola College of Arts and Sciences and a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree in business economics in the Sellinger School of Business and Management.

Minoring in Economics

Students pursuing majors in the College of Arts and Sciences may elect to earn a minor in business economics. Students pursuing majors in the Sellinger School of Business and Management may elect to earn a minor in economics . These courses of study requires EC102, EC103, EC301 or EC302, and four additional economics courses.

B.A. in Economics

The B.A. in Economics is a social science degree. Students may choose a general concentration or a concentration in quantitative economics.

As part of the liberal arts, the B.A. emphasizes the use of economic theory in the analysis of a broad range of social, moral, legal, historical, and political issues. The B.A. degree in economics requires EC 102, EC 103, EC 220, EC 301, EC 302, and seven economics electives. Left with 13 electives beyond the liberal arts core and economics major requirements, B.A. majors have considerable flexibility in designing degree programs that offer excellent opportunities to prepare for a variety of career and educational goals. B.A. majors can easily accommodate a double major or minors in related disciplines, such as mathematics, political science, or history. The B.A. allows students to use economics as the cornerstone for the study of quantitative analysis of public and private management, law, government policy, history, and international affairs.

The Quantitative Economics track requires Mathematical Economics, Econometrics, and Game Theory, or Applied Economic Forecasting as well as Calculus I, II, and Linear Algebra. The Quantitative concentration is particularly recommended for students considering graduate study in economics or highly ranked MBA programs or for students wishing to pursue an analytical career where quantitative skills are valued by employers such as the financial industry, public policy, consulting, etc.

B.B.A. in Economics

The B.B.A. degree is a business administration degree with a major in economics. The B.B.A. applies the tools of economics to the study of business problems. B.B.A. majors are required to take a set of business courses in addition to a selection of economics courses that are directly applicable to the analysis of business issues. The B.B.A. requires EC 102, EC 103, EC 220, EC 301, EC 302, ten business courses, and four economics electives that may be selected from the 400 level courses available.  Students who choose the B.B.A. degree may concentrate in general economics or quantitative economics.

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