This notice is to inform you of important activities and benefits available to FMA student

  1. Finance Leaders' Conference: The Finance Leaders' Conference is an annual event. Details are now available at the student chapter website, DON'T MISS IT! This conference is tailored specifically to finance and finance-related students. Early planning is recommended. 
  2. All full-time degree-seeking students may apply for a for the Loyola Chapter FMA at the "Applications"' link to the right.
  3. Collegiate Fellows: This honor is for students who have made meaningful contributions in service to their chapter. Please visit the student chapter website at this link for additional details. Remember, this is an honor you can list on your resume.
  4. Online Conference on Finance Certifications: If you are thinking about obtaining a finance certification, this is a great time to get more information to make a decision. Leading finance practitioners and professors will be standing by with a plethora of information to assist you.

As always, FMA strives to give you the best out of your FMA student membership. Please feel free to contact the Student Programs department at FMA with any questions.

Shannon Walsh
Director of Student Programs 

FMA Honor Society:

Acceptance into the FMA National Honor Society in the Loyola Chapter requires:

  • paid membership in the FMA
  • declared Finance Major with senior standing
  • overall QPA of 3.25 or higher and completion of at least four finance course at Loyola, or
  • minimum QPA 3.25 in all finance courses with a minimum four finance courses completed at Loyola

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