Campbell and Company

Mr. Mike Harris (President of Campbell & Company) recommended the following reading list for those interested in a career in Finance:


* WSJ Guide to Understanding Money & Investing (Morris / Morris)

* Getting Started in Futures (Lofton)

* Getting Started in Currency Trading (Archer)

* Getting Started in Options (Thomsett)

* Getting Started in Chart Patterns (Bulkowski)

* Getting Started in Hedge Funds (Strachman)

* Getting Started in Candlestick Charting (Logan)*

Getting Started in Commodities (Fontanills)

* Getting Started in Forex Trading (Archer)

* Getting Started in Technical Analysis (Schwager)

* Getting Started in Bonds (Saltzgiver)

* Getting Started in Fundamental Analysis (Thomsett)

* Getting Started in Stocks (Hall)

Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets (Murphy)

The Futures Game (Teweles & Jones)

* Market Wizards (Schwager)

* The New Market Wizards (Schwager)

Sun Tzu's Art of War for Traders and Investors (Lundrell)

Trend Following (Covel)

Way of the Turtle (Faith)

Complete Turtle Trader (Covel)

The Eurodollar Futures and Options Handbook (Burghardt)

The Treasury Bond Basis (Burghardt / Belton / Lane / Papa)

The Trader's Guide to Key Economic Indicators (Bloomberg)

By the Numbers: A Survival Guide to Economic Indicators (Slifer)  

Economics (The Harper Collins Dictionary)

Statistics Demystified (Gibilisco) 

Educational Stories

* Liar's Poker (Lewis)The Money Game (Lewis)

Merton Miller on Derivatives (Miller)

Fiasco (Partnoy)

Against the Gods (Bernstein)

How I Became a Quant (Schachter)

The Age of Turbulence (Alan Greenspan)

Hedge Hogging (Biggs)

Inside the House of Money (Drobny)

When Genius Failed (Lowenstein)

100 Minds that Made the Market (Fischer)

The Alchemy of Finance (Soros)

The Money Bazaar (Krieger)

Education of a Speculator (Neiderhoffer)

* Den of Thieves (Stewart)

The Black Swan (Taleb)

Hedge Hunters (Burton)

The Trading Athlete (Murphy / Hirschboro)

Super Crunchers (Ayres)

Freakanomics (Levitt / Dubner)

The World is Flat (Friedman)

The Lexus & the Olive Tree (Friedman)

Megatrends (Naisbitt)

Megatrends Asia (Naisbitt)

Traders, Guns and Money (Das)

* Where are the Customer's Yachts (Schwed)

* Reminiscences of a Stock Operator (Lefevre)

Wisdom from the Robber Barons (Smith /Dalzell)

The Financier (Dreiser)

The Coffee Trader (Liss)

The Pit (Norris)

The Wisdom of Crowds (Surowiecki)

Extraordinary Popular Delusions (Mackay)

* Monkey Business (Rolfe / Troob)

Goldman Sachs (Endlich)

Escape to the Futures (Melamed)

The Vandal's Crown (Millman)

Maestro (Woodward)

* Charlie D: the story of the Legendary Bond Trader (Falloon) 

Fooled by Randomness (Taleb)

No One Would Listen (Markopolos)

The Quants (Patterson)

When Bubbles Burst (Calverley)

For Crying Out Loud (Melamed)

Fools Gold (Tett)

The Ascent of Money (Ferguson)

Animal Spirits (Akerlof & Shiller)

This Time is Different (Reinhart & Rogoff)

Too Big Too Fail (Sorkin)

The Big Short (Lewis)

Panic (Lewis)

Fault Lines: How Hidden Fractures Still Threaten the World Economy (Rajan)

Fun Reads

* Rigged (Mezrich)

* Ugly Americans (Mezrich)

Cosmopolis (DeLillo)

The Castro Gene (Buchholz)