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Junior Financial Analyst Course (FI330)

For students interested in working in finance, especially as financial analysts in investment banking and are on the Path to Wall Street track, we offer a FI330 Junior Analyst course.

This course provides students with an introduction to the necessary tools and best practices to be a financial analyst. Key topics include reading and understanding financial statements, financial modelling, stock valuation using multiple methods, how to utilize popular financial databases, and how to prepare analyst reports, as well as how to present financial market research.

The course follows a natural progression from conceptual to applied materials and puts a heavy emphasis on the application of the valuation models through case studies and valuation exercises. Guest speakers are often invited to speak about careers in investment banking, finance industry, and valuation process.

Please note that this course counts as one of the two required finance electives for finance students.

Who is this course for?

Sophomore, finance students interested in the Path to Wall Street track

When is this course offered?

Spring semesters only


FI320 must be completed prior to taking this course. In order to complete FI320 prior to FI330 and take FI330 in the spring semester of your sophomore year, please follow the following sequence of courses:

Freshmen Year Fall Semester

  • EC102 Microeconomic Principles
  • MA151 Applied Calculus or MA251 Calculus I (Math requirement can be completed anytime before Spring semester of your sophomore year)

Freshmen Year Spring Semester

  • EC103 Macroeconomic Principles
  • AC201 Financial Accounting

Sophomore Year Fall Semester

  • FI320 Financial Management
  • EC220 Business Statistics

How to apply?

Please fill out the application below and email it to Dr. Chuluun at before the priority application deadline during a fall semester. Since the space in the course is limited, your course GPA may be taken into account if needed.

FI330 Junior Financial Analyst Course Application

Application Deadline

Typically, the second Friday in October.

You may continue to submit applications after this date, but these will only be considered if space is available. 

Got questions?

Please contact Dr. Chuluun at