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MK499 Marketing Internship

Why Internships?

Internships are important because they provide a bridge between education and the workforce, offering a multitude of benefits, including practical experience, skill development, networking opportunities, resume building, exploration, academic integration, confidence, and a pathway to future career success. According to a national study, students and young professionals with internship experience are 35% more likely to get at least one job offer after graduating than those without internship experience. Those with internship experience were also found to have a median salary that is 27% higher. In short, internships are a valuable investment in one's professional development.

MK499 Marketing Internship Course Overview:

  • MK499 is a 3-credit course that counts as an elective toward the marketing major or minor
  • MK240 is the pre-req for MK499
  • MK499 is offered every semester
  • The internship must occur at the same time you take MK499
  • The internship can be unpaid or paid -- The key is that it is marketing-related & meaningful!
  • The internship can be on-site, remote, or hybrid
  • For Spring/Fall semesters, MK499 has three required class meetings: one during the first week of the semester, one during the middle of the semester, and one during the end of the semester. For the Summer, MK499 is fully asynchronous
  • You are expected to work a minimum of 120-150 hours throughout the semester (approx. 10 hours a week)
  • MK499 involves producing academic deliverables (e.g., worklogs, presentations, and reflections of your experiences)
  • While you are responsible for finding an internship, Dr. Klink is willing to assist you

 Request Approval for MK499

  • You must receive approval to enroll in MK499
  • If you have an internship, please complete the MK499 Internship Approval Form
  • If you have not found an internship, but would like to enroll in MK499, please email Dr. Klink for tentative approval
  • After receiving approval, AASC will be notified that you are approved to register for MK499 during your registration time

Internship Opportunities

  • The Loyola Rizzo Career Center is a valuable resource for finding an internship. To learn about internship search strategies, schedule an appointment with a counselor through Handshake. The Center also has drop-in hours M-F 12pm-3pm.
  • Departments on campus may also be seeking marketing interns.
  • Other resources include internship posting sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, etc. 

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Dr. Rick Klink

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