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For Employers

Interested in growing your talent base? Looking for ways to support your best and brightest? Invest in your organization's future... invest in your young talent.

Today's younger workforce has a unique set of employer expectations. They are anxious to succeed, work hard, and often cite professional development opportunities as one of the top factors in employer selection and continued satisfaction. You can help position your organization to capitalize on the opportunities within today’s dynamic economy by sponsoring an applicant to the Leadership Essentials Program. The Leadership Essentials program runs December to June

A contemporary leadership develop program, Leadership Essentials combines the cutting edge resources of Loyola University with the reputation and experience of diverse  community leaders, entrepreneurs, business executives, employees and educators.

What Are the Benefits?

  • A program to give your most promising rising leaders the skills to lead projects and create solutions. 
  • An excellent opportunity to join networks of 500 employers throughout the region who recognize the importance of community engagement and leadership development.
  • Enhanced ability to retain quality employees by offering this opportunity to develop leadership skills and professional contacts.
  • Recognition of your business or organization as an engaged and effective corporate citizen.

Who is a Good Candidate?

Individuals ready to continue their leadership journey. Candidates typically live or work in the region, and are viewed as rising stars in their organizations. Applicants are typically emerging leaders, demonstrating a passion and commitment to develop as a leader, have strong communication skills, and a desire to participate in community service. Selected participants represent a cross-section of the community: large and small business, government, education, health care, and nonprofits including the arts, social services, and faith-based groups.

Great format, presentation of concepts, and plenty of group discussion. The leadership seminar provides real techniques and tools that can be applied to daily challenges.
I appreciated the immediate and continued team interaction. The course presented subjects and case studies that I recommend for self-awareness and leadership training.
The strategic planning seminar was thoughtfully crafted and executed exploration into the topic at hand. The instructor used a creative approach and extensive experience to deliver on the goals of the class.