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For Participants

Why Participate?

Are you ready to expand your skill set? Do you want to position yourself for continued growth and demonstrate your value to your employer? Leadership Essentials is a path to that future.

In a fast-paced information age, an organization’s greatest asset remains its people.  Individually and organizationally we face new challenges and opportunities every day, and the more we can contribute to tomorrow’s solutions the more growth we experience. Successful, forward-thinking organizations are investing in their young talent in innovative ways. The Leadership Essentials program provides cutting edge leadership skills that can be immediately applied. The program exposes you to the leadership talents of successful community, regional, and national leaders. There has never been a better time to invest in yourself and your future.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Learn critical leadership skills that will advance your career and personal development.
  • Understand your talents and opportunities for growth. 
  • Connect with a vital and valuable network of professionals throughout the business, nonprofit, and government communities. 
  • Expand your awareness of community issues
  • Make a difference in the community through participation in the Community Impact Project.

Who Participates?

Individuals ready to take the next step toward leadership. Candidates typically live or work in the region, and are viewed as rising stars in their organizations. Applicants are typically emerging leaders, demonstrating a passion and commitment to develop as a leader, have strong communication skills, and a desire to participate in community service. Selected participants represent a cross-section of the community: large and small business, government, education, health care, and nonprofits including the arts, social services, and faith-based groups.

Great format, presentation of concepts, and plenty of group discussion. The leadership seminar provides real techniques and tools that can be applied to daily challenges.
I appreciated the immediate and continued team interaction. The course presented subjects and case studies that I recommend for self-awareness and leadership training.
The strategic planning seminar was thoughtfully crafted and executed exploration into the topic at hand. The instructor used a creative approach and extensive experience to deliver on the goals of the class.