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Master of Accounting Curriculum

Curriculum & Course Information


The MAcc program focuses on applicants who have a bachelor’s degree in accounting or completion of the following courses (or equivalents as determined by the department chair):

  • Financial Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Intermediate Accounting I
  • Intermediate Account II
  • Auditing

Core Courses

  • Ethics for Accounting Professionals
  • Advanced Financial Accounting
  • Audit Analytics
  • Professional Communications
  • SEC Reporting
  • Accounting Internship OR Seminar in Accounting Practice


Select four:​

  • Tax Research​
  • Advanced Finance​
  • Individual Tax​
  • State and Local Taxation​
  • One other Graduate Business or MAcc elective

Select four:​

  • Tax Research​
  • Individual Tax​
  • State and Local Taxation​
  • One other Graduate Business or MAcc elective

Select four:​

  • Data Visualization for Decision Making
  • Select one or two from each group
    • Graduate Business 
      • Introduction to Data Analytics​
      • Data Management & Database Systems​
      • Business Intelligence & Data Mining​
    • ​MAcc
      • Tax Research​
      • Advanced Finance​
      • Individual Tax​
      • State and Local Taxation​
      • ESG and Sustainability

MAcc Tracks

The Loyola MAcc curriculum offers three track options which allow students to either focus on specific accounting topics at a deeper level or maintain a broader perspective to meet their career goals and prepare for further career advancement.

Financial Reporting
The Financial Reporting Track helps students focus primarily on financial reporting areas of accounting to achieve specific career goals and prepare for further career advancement. Students who select this track are strongly encouraged to take GB 736 Data Visualization for Decision Making to better prepare for continuously changing technology in the accounting profession.
With the ever-increasing complexities of taxation, the Tax Track offers students the ability to expand upon their undergraduate studies with additional courses in Individual Taxation and Tax Research & Writing. The Tax Track will provide students with a strong foundational framework needed to begin or advance a career in the tax field. The focused courses in our Tax Track will provide students with the essential skills and abilities to identify and solve tax problems and recognize tax planning opportunities.
Data Analytics
The prevalence of big data and the increased availability of digital tools and services have created opportunities for accountants and other key decision makers to conduct detailed analyses of emerging market trends and business operations. Real-time data platforms and improved analytics now make it possible for organizations to quickly sense and respond to market needs. In this track, students will take a series of courses designed to deliver specific skills for how to prepare, visualize, and understand patterns in data within the accounting field.

For more information on Loyola's MAcc program, contact us at 410-617-5067 or

RSM has a long and very successful relationship with Loyola - supporting its programs, its faculty and staff, and its students. Over the years, we have recruited many of our most successful professionals from Loyola’s undergraduate and graduate programs. As a Loyola alumnus myself, I’m always proud when another Loyola student or alumnus joins the Firm.
While earning a Masters will almost certainly qualify a student to earn his or her CPA license, the true benefit such programs provide comes from a truly increased depth of knowledge.
As chair of the Accounting Advisory Board and a future employer of accounting students, I’m excited this new program will offer a clear path to completion of the 150-hour requirement, in addition to building a pipeline of very qualified CPAs for years to come.
The new MAcc curriculum is focused on developing deeper technical, communication and decision making skills, providing graduates crucial tools for successful careers in public accounting and beyond.