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Classroom Assignment Procedures (Baltimore Campus)

This page explains procedures for classroom assignments for scheduling academic courses on the Baltimore Campus. Full instructions about master schedule submissions, including classrooms are available here on the Records website.

Requesting Specific Space

  • Requests for a type of room or specific equipment are accepted, rather than for an individual classroom.
  • Include the request on the master schedule submitted by the department chair, in the Dates, Comments, Restrictions column.
  • Flexibility is essential. Specify the desired feature as follows; seminar room, computer classroom, etc.
  • Notify the Records Office if the original request has changed.
  • The Records Office is not responsible for purchasing equipment. If your request involves the purchase of new equipment, contact Technology Services.
  • Requests for space to accommodate meetings or special activities should be directed to Event Services at events@loyola.edu or 410-617-5077.

Is Space Guaranteed?

  • Requests for general purpose spaces are not guaranteed, and alternate plans should be prepared.
  • Classrooms are scheduled first based on available resources, class size, and department priority. Subsequently, every effort is then made to honor specific requests.
  • If a departmentally-controlled seminar or lab room is submitted on the master schedule, it is pre-assigned, and the assignment will not change unless requested by the department chair. Classes are assigned to these spaces only when Records is instructed to do so by the department chair.
  • If a specialty room is submitted on the master schedule, such as a computer classroom or seminar room, and is available, those assignments are pre-assigned and unlikely to change when classrooms are finalized.

Final Classroom Assignments

  • Classroom assignments are available on WebAdvisor for Faculty, Faculty Information, Search for Sections.
    • Select the Term, then type your first or last name in the Instructor's First or Last Name field.
    • If you have a common last name, you may get more results than your own sections.
    • If you have a last name that has upper and lower case letters within it (ex: McDonald), search on either Mc or Donald rather than whole name.
  • Each course section receives an initial classroom assignment, but are not considered final unless pre-assigned.
  • A Loyola Today announcement is posted before classrooms are finalized for faculty to submit space preferences.
    • Examples include buildings, desks or tables, two projectors
    • Preferences are not guaranteed
  • E-mail preferences not already submitted to Debbie Miller at dherman@loyola.edu, including the following:
    • name and department
    • semester the course is being offered
    • full course section number (ex: BL 101.02)
    • details of the request
    • whether the request is one time or on-going
  • Administrative assistants may e-mail classroom requests for their departments and communicate results with the faculty.
  • Classrooms are finalized:
    • Summer, mid-February
    • Fall, mid-August
    • Spring, mid-December
  • Check your classroom just prior to the start of the semester. Assignments may change through the first week of classes, so confirm on WebAdvisor before the first class. 
  • After classrooms are finalized, scheduling is turned over to Event Services for meetings and lectures.
    • Classrooms are scheduled by Records, not Event Services, during initial scheduling.

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