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Repeat or Replacement Courses

Repeating a Course

A student may choose to "repeat" any course. All grades for a repeated course will be included with the original grade in the computation of the cumulative QPA. Students repeating courses specifically required in the core must repeat the same course. If a course is failed in a core area, it may be repeated by another course in that area (any social science course may be taken as a repeat for any other social science course.) Students repeating courses specifically required in the major must repeat the same course. Any free elective is a valid repeat for any other free elective. A major elective must be repeated by a course within the major elective group. In all circumstances, both the original and repeated grades count in the cumulative QPA. Students may repeat failed Loyola courses at another institution under the terms specified here. However, the original grade remains on the transcript, and the transfer grade is not computed in the Loyola cumulative QPA. Students cannot register for a repeat course via Web Registration.


Replacing a Course

A maximum of two grades can "be forgiven" or "replaced" during a student's Loyola career. The grade for the forgiven or replaced course is removed from computation of the cumulative QPA; however, the grade will remain on the transcript. The semester QPA is unaffected. The forgiveness or replacement option is unavailable for courses involving an Honor Code violation.

To request grade forgiveness or replacement, students must obtain a Repeat or Replacement Form, available in the Academic Advising and Support Center. The completed form is signed by the Academic Advising and Support Center (AASC) and forwarded to the Office of the Registrar for processing.

Note: Federal financial aid will pay for only one repeat of a previously passed course (D or better). Using the grade forgiveness or replacement option for a course may have implications for financial aid. For additional information, please contact the Office of Financial Aid (410-617-2576). In addition, VA benefits may not be used for grade forgiveness or replacement if a student successfully completed (did not fail) the course. Visit the VA website or contact Loyola's School Certifying Official for additional information.

The following grade "forgiveness" or "replacement" options are available to students. Please note that any grades forgiven or replaced using these options are included in the forgiveness and replacement grade maximum (two grades).

  • First-Year Course Forgiveness - Fully admitted, degree-seeking first-year students may use the "forgiveness" option to recover academically from their first semester. Students may replace grades of D or F from courses that they took in their first semester.
  • Transfer Student Course Forgiveness - Fully admitted, degree-seeking first semester transfer students, may use the "forgiveness" option to recover academically from their first semester. Students may replace grades of D or F from courses that they took in their first semester.
  • Change of Major Course Replacement - Upper-class students changing declared majors may find that major course requirements are significantly different from department to department. These students are permitted to use the "replacement" option to replace grades in major courses from the original major with grades in major courses from the new major.