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Undergraduate Code Table

Major Codes

AC Accounting FO Forensic Studies
AH  Art History* FR  French
BA Business Administration* GT Global Studies
BC Biochemistry HS History
BE Business Economics IB International Business
BL Biology LE Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness*
BT Biohealth LM Leadership and Management Consulting
CC Classical Civilization MA Mathematics
CH Chemistry MK Marketing
CL Classics PF Performing Arts
CM Communication PH Physics
CS Computer Science PL Philosophy
CU Comparative Culture and Literary Studies PS Political Science
DA Information Systems and Data Analytics PY Psychology
DS Data Science SC Sociology
EC Economics SH Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
EE Elementary Education SM Sustainability Management
EI Engineering SN Spanish
EN English ST Statistics
FA Fine Arts* TH Theology
FI Finance VA Visual Arts
    WR  Writing

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Specialization Codes

Biohealth Majors:

BBB  Biopharma and Biotechnology                                                                   
BBC  Biological Commercialization
BDD  Digital Health and Data Analytics

Business Administration Majors:

BEC Business Economics*
BFI Finance*
BIB International Business*
BIN Information Systems*
BMG Management*
BMK Marketing*

Communications Majors:

CAP Advertising/Public Relations
CDM Digital Media
CJO Journalism
CMS Media and Society

Economics Majors:

EQE Quantitative Economics

Engineering Majors:

ECE Computer Engineering
EEL Electrical Engineering
EME Mechanical Engineering
EMT Materials Engineering

Performing Arts Majors:

FCO Comprehensive
FDR Theatre
FMU Music

Mathematics Majors:

MAM Applied Mathematics
MGP General Program
MPM Pure Mathematics
MSE Secondary Education

Interdisciplinary Mathematics Majors:

MDA Discrete/Algorithmic
MDM Differential Equations/Mathematical Modeling

Physics Majors:

PAM Applied Science: Mathematics
PAO Analytic
PAS Applied Science
PPH Applied Science: Pre-health

Statistics Majors:

MAS Actuarial Science
MSS Statistical Science

Visual Arts Majors:

FAH Art History
FIA InterArts
FPT Photography
FSA Studio Arts

*Closed to new students

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Minor Codes

CAF African and African American Studies (Interdisciplinary)
CAH Art History
CAM American Studies (Interdisciplinary)
CAS Asian Studies (Interdisciplinary)
CBL Biology
CCC Classical Civilization
CCH Chemistry
CCI Chinese 
CCM Communication
CCS Computer Science
CCT Catholic Studies (Interdisciplinary)
CCU Comparative Culture and Literary Studies
CDR Theatre
CDS Data Science (Interdisciplinary)
CEC Economics
CED Secondary Education
CEG Engineering
CEN English
CEV  Environmental Studies
CFO Forensic Studies (Interdisciplinary)
CFR French
CFS Film Studies (Interdisciplinary)
CGE German Studies
CGS Gender and Sexuality Studies (Interdisciplinary)
CHE Health and Human Experience
CHS History
CIA InterArts
CIS Italian Studies (Interdisciplinary)
CLS Latin American and Latino Studies (Interdisciplinary)
CMA Mathematics
CMS Medieval Studies (Interdisciplinary)
CMU Music
CNS Natural Sciences
CPB Biomedical Physics 
CPH Physics
CPJ Peace and Justice Studies (Interdisciplinary)
CPL Philosophy
CPS Political Science
CPT Photography
CSA Studio Arts
CSC Sociology
CSE Special Education
CSN Spanish
CSS Environmental and Sustainability Studies (Interdisciplinary)*
CST Statistics
CTH Theology
CWR Writing
EUE Urban Education 
SAC Accounting 
SBG Business
SCM Supply Chain Management
SEC Business Economics
SFI Finance
SIB International Business
SID Information Systems and Data Analytics
SIE Innovation and Entrepreneurship
SIS Information Systems
SMC Management Consulting
SMK Marketing
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Day Key

M Monday
T Tuesday
W Wednesday
TH Thursday
F Friday
S Saturday
SU Sunday

Building Key

BE Beatty Hall 
BU Butler Hall
CO  Cohn Hall 
CT College Center
DOR Dorothy Day Hall
DS Donnelly Science
EA Early House
ERH Thea Bowman Hall
FAC Fitness and Aquatic Center
FC Fernandez Center
HA Hammerman Hall
HOP  Hopkins Court 
HU Humanities Center
JH Jenkins Hall
KH Knott Hall
LAN Lange Court
LIB  Loyola/Notre Dame Library 
MH Maryland Hall
OH Ocher House
SC  Student Center 
SH Sellinger Hall
ST The Maroger Art Studio