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Spring 2024 Registration

Course Offerings

Students may review course offerings beginning September 13, 2024 using the following method:

  • Login to, and login, then select Loyola Self-Service, Course Catalog. Filter your search. Select section name hyperlinks for more information, including requisites, restrictions, and course descriptions. You must use Student Planning to actually register for courses.

Registration Procedures

Continuing, Degree-Seeking Students

  • Student Planning registration opens to continuing, degree-seeking students on October 23,  2024, 7 a.m. Students who start out as full-time and then become part-time register on the same date as the students in the class year initially assigned to them; see Web Registration Dates under Full-Time Registration.
  • In order to use Student Planning to register, students who have formally declared a major must receive prior electronic permission to register from their academic advisor.
  • Be sure to schedule an appointment with your academic advisor prior to your registration date.
  • Students who have not formally declared a major and have not had an advisor assigned to them should contact the Academic Advising and Support Center at or call 410-617-5050 before registration begins in order to be given advising assistance and for electronic permission to register.
  • Students who do not web register on October 23, 2024 and who do not have an academic advisor to give approval to register must contact the Academic Advising and Support Center for registration assistance. Students who web register on this date are able to make changes through January 20, 2025 at 5 p.m.

For full instructions, please review the Web Registration Procedures.

Registrations may be completed at the Academic Advising and Support Center (AASC) and are accepted from degree-seeking students October 23, 2024 – January 10, 2025. Thereafter, only in-person registrations are accepted through the late registration period, January 13-17, 2025, once they have been signed by an administrator from the Academic Advising and Support Center (Maryland Hall 138). If office is closed, contact AASC at or call 410-617-5050 for assistance.

New, Degree-Seeking Students

  • New students may register for courses once their application for admission has been approved.
  • New students must register in person at AASC (MH 138).
  • After completion of the registration process, be certain to check Loyola Self-Service, Student Planning, Go to Plan & Schedule to review your term calendar and confirm accurate registration processing. Clicking the print icon is a good way to view the status of each course on your calendar.  Be sure it says 'Registered' and not 'Planned'. This schedule displays finalized classroom assignments approximately two weeks prior to the start of classes.

Readmitted, Special, and Visiting Students

  • Students who have not registered for courses for at least one of the three previous semesters (including summer) must reapply to the Office of Undergraduate Admission and be readmitted.
  • Special students are students who have earned four-year college degrees and who wish to take courses without pursuing an additional degree at Loyola. Special students must submit an application accompanied by the official college transcript that verifies receipt of a bachelor's degree. Students with a Loyola bachelor's degree are not required to submit a transcript.
  • Visiting students are students who take courses at Loyola that count toward a degree at another institution (either a high school or another college). Visiting students must submit an application and official copies of all college transcripts.
  • Students may contact the Academic Advising and Support Center at or 410-617-5050 to register beginning November 23, 2024, through January 10, 2025.
  • Thereafter, only in-person registrations are accepted through the late registration period, January 13–17, 2025, once they are signed by an administrator from AASC (MH 138). Students may also contact AASC at or 410-617-5050 for assistance.

Using Student Planning and Billing

  • Access the Undergraduate User's Guide for instructions on using Student Planning Add/Drop.
  • Submission of registration by a student incurs the obligation to pay all tuition and fees.  Costs can be found under Tuition and Fees.

Late Registration

Students who have not registered by January 10, 2025 must go to AASC (MH 138) during business hours to register in person, January 13–17, 2024. AASC is also available at or 410-617-5050 during business hours. A billing notification is sent to the student's Loyola email address after registration.

  • Students are responsible for knowing the regulations governing registration and withdrawal as summarized on the Office of the Registrar website and given in detail in the undergraduate catalogue (
  • Students are responsible for knowing the regulations governing payment of tuition, available under the Financial Services, Student Accounts website (
  • The University reserves the right to make any changes to scheduled course offerings and to cancel any class for which there is insufficient enrollment.