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Independent Studies/Private Studies and Internships

Specialized Study Form

Internships and independent or private studies are courses which require Specialized Study Forms to accompany the registration. Students cannot register for these courses via Student Planning.

As with all other courses, the registration process must be completed by the end of the late registration period of each semester. This means that much of the preparation for these courses must be completed well before the semester begins, since meetings with the site supervisor (for internships), the faculty member, and the department chair are all necessary in the completion of the Specialized Study Form.

Independent/Private Studies

An independent or private study course covers a subject in depth which is not available in the roster of courses. The course requires much more independent effort on the part of the student than is required in a classroom course. Students should not seek to undertake an independent or private study course unless they have the interest, motivation, discipline, and time to devote to such a demanding enterprise. During the term, regular meetings with the faculty supervisor are necessary to ensure that the student is on track for a timely completion of the project.


In the case of internships, students must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • meet the prerequisites set by the department
  • 150 hours (10 hours/week) per semester of work is required to earn three academic credits, including at least 120 of the required hours completed under the workplace supervisor.

In some internships, interns meet once a week in a class with the faculty member acting as internship monitor. In other internships, regular meetings between the student and the faculty monitor takes place throughout the semester. Specific requirements can be found in the course description or students can contact the department. There is also regular contact between the faculty monitor and the site supervisor.

Review the policies on Special Course Options in the Loyola Undergraduate Academic Catalogue.