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Spring 2025 Registration

Course Offerings

Students review course offerings beginning September 13, 2024 using the following method:

  • Login to, then select Loyola Self-Service, Course Catalog. On the home screen select Course Catalog. Filter your search. Select section name hyperlinks for more information, including requisites, restrictions, and course descriptions. You must use Student Planning to actually register for those courses.

Once the course schedule becomes available, students can add classes to planned sections prior to the start of registration. Adding classes to planned sections eliminates the need to search for sections at time of registration, but does not save a space in the class. On the day of registration, students must complete the process in order to enroll.

Web Registration Dates

Web registration is open until 4 p.m., as follows:

Class of 2025: October 23, 2024

Class of 2026: October 30, 2024

Class of 2027: November 6, 2024

Class of 2028: November 13-14, 2024

Registration assistance is available in the Academic Advising and Support Center (AASC, located in MH 138), 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Completed and signed specialized study forms and any special permissions may be submitted to AASC by 4 p.m., on the dates specified above. Otherwise, completed and signed specialized study forms must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar (MH 148) by the close of the registration period, January 20, 2025, 5 p.m. Special permission forms must be submitted to AASC (MH 138) no later than January 20, 2025, 5 p.m.

Making Alternative Arrangements for Registration

Students who cannot be present at their assigned registration time must contact AASC no later than the day prior to the assigned registration time to make alternative arrangements. Students are required to present a written statement explaining the reason for the absence and indicating their desired registration option, as listed below:

Option 1: Submit the completed Undergraduate Registration Request Form with alternative course selections and all necessary signatures to the AASC prior to the assigned registration date.

The registration is entered at the designated registration appointment time. It is important to list alternative courses in the event that the courses or sections chosen are closed. The data entry operator makes every effort to process the registration as submitted; however, if all choices and reasonable options are exhausted, the student's registration will not be complete. It is the student's responsibility to contact AASC to verify that the registration is complete and to make any necessary adjustments after the initial registration has been processed.

Option 2: Register on the assigned day any time after the scheduled appointment time. Students may use Student Planning any time after their assigned start time.

Students who do not have the necessary criteria such as electronic permission, required requisites, incorrect major/minor/specialization, etc., are not registered for course(s) requiring this criteria. All other course requests are processed. Students are expected to complete the necessary paperwork or contact AASC. Priority in course selection is lost.

Web Registration Procedures

Prior to Registration

  • Review the Office of the Registrar website for the complete academic calendar and full registration procedures.
  • Know your Inside Loyola username and password. For assistance with password resets, contact the Help Center prior to registration using one of the following options:

    Telephone Support
    : Call 410-617-5555. Students must have their Loyola ID number.

    Walk-in Support
    : Call 410-617-5555 or email to make an appointment. Students must have their Loyola ID card.
  • For information about recovering a forgotten password, visit the Help Center website.
  • Review My Progress/Degree Audit in Student Planning by selecting Loyola Self-Service, Student Planning, Go To My Progress for the following information:
    • To view assigned advisor select Show Program Notes
    • To view major, specialization, and/or minor information on record
      • Check your major and minor information, as some courses are restricted accordingly. Course prerequisites and restrictions are available via Loyola Self-Service, Course Catalog (select course title hyperlink).
      • If information needs to be updated, please submit the appropriate, signed form(s).
    • Questions regarding Degree Audits may be directed to the Academic Advising and Support Center (AASC):
  • Meet with your academic advisor for permission to register prior to registration, and ensure that your advisor has given permission before leaving the meeting.

    If your advisor signed your registration form but did not give you permission to register, bring the signed form to the Academic Advising and Support Center (MH 138) to receive permission prior to your registration time.

    Waiting until the day of registration to get your advisor's electronic or written permission may delay registration. Advisors may not have scheduled office hours for that day. Registrations cannot be processed without the advisor's electronic or written signature.

    Reminder: The undergraduate mid-semester holiday is Friday, October 18, 2024. Juniors are encouraged to meet with their advisors to get permission before leaving for the holiday.

  • Students are responsible for making certain that all degree course requirements are completed, including courses in the core, the major, the minor, and the total number of courses and credits. Refer to Loyola Self-Service, Student Planning, Go to My Progress and confer with your advisor.
  • Check the following information by selecting Loyola Self-Service, Student Planning, Go to Plan & Schedule
    • Adviser approval to register - check under the Advising tab in the Note History
    • Assigned registration time - After you have advisor approval, go to Plan & Schedule for the registration term or check your email for registration information
    • Any applicable registration holds that may prevent registration at the assigned time
  • Study Abroad Students: follow instructions from the Office of International Programs
  • Search for course offerings in Student Planning through one of the following two options:
    • Loyola Self-Service , Course Catalog, Subject Search
      • Explore the catalogue of courses by subject
      • Please note: students can only officially register from Loyola Self-Service, Student Planning.
    • Loyola Self-Service, Course Catalog, Advanced Search
      • Select term and other fields to perform a search
      • Select subject(s) from the dropdown
      • Choose other filters as desired
      • Course types can be used as filters for:
        • Diversity
        • Interdisciplinary majors
        • Interdisciplinary minors
        • Service-Learning

Undergraduate Web Registration

Use Student Planning from any computer with web access:

  • Web registration access information and Student Planning user instructions are sent via Loyola email. If you do not receive this information within one week of your registration date, please contact the Office of the Registrar, 410-617-2659 or 2263.
  • Have all of your materials ready so you can promptly begin the registration process. Be sure to have your advisor's signature or electronic permission before registering.

  • On your assigned registration day and time, log into Inside Loyola, then select Loyola Self-Service, Student Planning, Go to Plan & Schedule.

Class Schedule

  • Once you have finished web registering, be certain to check Loyola Self-Service, Student Planning, Go to Plan & Schedule to view the calendar and confirm accurate registration processing.
  • Carefully review your calendar to ensure all registered courses show as green and/or check the left side bar for the word 'Registered'. If courses are not in green and not marked 'Registered', then registration is not complete. You are not registered for courses marked 'Planned'.
  • This schedule displays finalized classroom assignments approximately two weeks prior to the start of classes.

Using Student Planning

Access the Undergraduate User's Guide for instructions on using Student Planning.

Late Registration

Students who do not web register on their designated day can register anytime after their designated date and time until January 20, 2025. Advisor permission is required. Priority in course selection is lost. Contact the Academic Advising and Support Center for assistance at

  • Students are responsible for knowing the regulations governing registration and withdrawal as summarized on the Office of the Registrar website and given in detail in the undergraduate catalogue (
  • Students are responsible for knowing the regulations governing payment of tuition, available under the Financial Services, Student Accounts website (
  • The University reserves the right to make any changes to scheduled course offerings and to cancel any class for which there is insufficient enrollment.