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Graduate Incomplete Grade Policy

At the discretion of the course instructor, a temporary grade of I (Incomplete) may be given to a student who is passing a course but for reasons beyond the student’s control (illness, injury, or other nonacademic circumstance), is unable to complete the required coursework during the semester. A grade of I should not be issued to allow the student additional time to complete academic requirements of the course (except as noted above), repeat the course, complete extra work, or because of excessive absenteeism or the student’s unexcused absence from the final exam.

Arrangements for the grade of I must be made prior to the final examination, or if the course has no final examination, prior to the last class meeting. The responsibility for completing all coursework within the agreed upon time rests with the student.

If the completion date is more than two weeks after the end of the semester, the appropriate Dean’s signature will be required. The grade of I may remain on the record no longer than the time period agreed to by the instructor, and the student and may not exceed one semester. If the I is not resolved satisfactorily within the agreed upon time period, a grade of F (0.000) will be recorded by the Office of the Registrar as the final grade, and the student will be dismissed from the program in accordance with the Academic Standards and Dismissal policy. Students may not graduate with a grade of I in any course on their record.