Loyola University Maryland

Records Office

Generate a Grade Report

Students can generate official grade reports using WebAdvisor. Reports can be generated for the current and past two semesters. Only courses assigned a midterm or final grade appear on the report. To view official final grades prior to three semesters, students must request a transcript.


  • Undergraduate students also receive final grade reports mailed to their permanent address. Students are encouraged to compare the WebAdvisor grade report to the paper copy when they receive it, and contact the Records Office (410-617-2263) regarding any discrepancies.

  • Graduate students do not receive midterm grades.

  • Graduate students whose employers will not accept the WebAdvisor grade report for reimbursement may choose either of the following options:

    • Request a transcript via WebAdvisor. The transcript can be sent directly to your employer or held for pick-up.

    • Contact the Records Office (410-617-2263) to have an official grade report mailed to your permanent address or held for pick-up.


  1. Go to inside.loyola.edu and login.

  2. Under WebAdvisor, click WebAdvisor for Students > Academic Profile > Official Grade Report. If you cannot see the link, click the refresh icon in the upper/right corner of the tab.

  3. Select a Term.

  4. Select a Grade Report Type.

  5. Click Submit to display the Official Grade Report page.

  6. From there, click the Help icon (upper/right corner) for detailed print instructions, as follows:

    Windows 7 or XP/Internet Explorer: Click Print Preview from the print icon dropdown menu. Hover over and select the icon that reads, Turn headers and footers on and off. Select the appropriate percentage from the second dropdown menu to expand the grade report to fill a single page. Click the print icon.

    Windows 7 or XP/Firefox: Click Firefox, then Print Preview. On the top menu bar, click Page Setup. In the Format & Options tab, check the box to Print Background (colors & images). In the Margins & Header/Footer tab, set the Left, Center, and Right Headers/Footers to blank. If necessary, select a percentage from the Scale dropdown menu to expand the grade report to fill a single page. Click OK, then Print.

    Mac OSX/Firefox: Click File, then Print. At the bottom of the page, set the Left, Center, and Right Page Headers/Footers to blank, then click Print.

    Mac OSX/Safari: Click File, then Print. At the bottom of the page de-select, Print headers and footers, then click Print.

  7. Click OK to return to menu.

If you require assistance with this process, contact the Records Office, 410-617-2263.