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Registration FAQs

What details are important when preparing my schedule?

  1. Closed Courses: Students must complete an override form and submit it to the Academic Advising and Support Center (MH 138) in person or via email (aasc@loyola.edu). AASC will work with the department chairs for the override process. Students should only see the department chair in person for override permission during the first week of classes.

  2. Prerequisite Requirements: You can only register for courses for which you have met the required prerequisites. Review your Degree Audit (on Loyola Self-Service > Student Planning > My Progress) or check with the Records Office to make sure that courses taken away over the summer or through study abroad programs are recorded on your record before registration. Prerequisite or registration overrides must be signed by the department chair and submitted with a paper Registration Request Form or Change of Registration Form. Students cannot register themselves electronically for specialized studies, prerequisite overrides, repeats, or closed courses. Overrides are not accepted from advisors or instructors.

  3. Major/Minor/Specialization Information: If your correct major/minor/specialization information is not on file in the Records Office before your assigned registration day, you cannot be registered for courses restricted by major/minor/specialization. If necessary, submit a Change of Major (or Minor) Form to meet major (or minor) restrictions. Refer to your Degree Audit (on Loyola Self-Service > Student Planning > My Progress) for academic program information.

  4. Corequisite Requirement: Be sure to register for corequisite courses as listed in Search for Sections or Course Listings (click course title hyperlink).

  5. Time conflicts CANNOT be processed.

  6. Alternate Course Selection: When preparing your schedule, select alternate courses/sections in case your original requests are closed.

  7. Degree Audit: Have your copy of this report with you when registering. It will be helpful if you need to select alternate courses. (Available on Loyola Self-Service > Student Planning > My Progress)

  8. Exceptions to academic policies must have the approval of the Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies (MH 145).

  9. Know your inside.loyola.edu Username and Password. For assistance with password resets, contact the Student Technology Center prior to registration using one of the following options:

    Telephone Support: Call 410-617-5555. Students must have their Loyola ID number.

    Walk-In Support: Knott Hall 107. Students must have their Loyola ID card.

    For information about recovering a forgotten password, visit the Technology Services website.

What are the necessary forms/signatures required for registration?

Get all the necessary forms and signature(s) before your assigned registration date and time. You cannot register for courses if you do not have the required materials or permissions.

  1. Registration Request Form: Part-time registration forms are available on the Records Office webpage. (Continuing, degree-seeking students eligible for Web Registration do not use this form.).

  2. Course Permission Slip: This form must be completed and signed for courses requiring special instructor permission. Students using Loyola Self-Service web registration must still complete this form, unless electronic permission has been granted by the instructor or department personnel. Students may submit appropriately signed permissions to the Records Office prior to registration, and Records Office personnel will enable electronic registration for these courses. On registration days, students without electronic permission must submit this signed form to the Academic Advising and Support Center (MH 138).

  3. Block Schedule: Use the block schedule for mapping course selections to make certain that no time conflicts have been scheduled.

  4. Repeat/Replacement Form: A completed form signed by an advisor must accompany your Registration Request Form if you are registering for a course(s) as a repeat or replacement. You must submit this form to the Academic Advising and Support Center (MH 138). Repeats cannot be processed via Loyola Self-Service web registration.

  5. Specialized Study Form: This form is used for independent study, internship, and private study courses. It is available on the Records Office webpage. A completed form, including all required signatures, must be submitted at the time of registration. Requests for these courses will be accepted during registration but will be processed within 72 hours. Students must submit the signed form to the Academic Advising and Support Center (MH 138) on their registration day or prior to the end of the registration period. Specialized studies cannot be processed via Loyola Self-Service web registration.

Where can I get open course information and schedule changes?

Course information can be accessed via Loyola Self-Service > Course Catalog