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Incomplete Report Instructions


The Incomplete Report eForm must be completed in addition to Loyola Self-Service grading. It provides supporting documentation and requirements for resolving an Incomplete grade according to University policy. It is important to fill out the Incomplete Report correctly for students and instructors to meet specified deadlines. This form is to confirm what you have discussed and agreed upon with the student. After successful submission, the student receives a notification email with a unique URL to the completed form for his/her reference.

Accessing the Incomplete Report eForm:

Log into Inside Loyola, then select Loyola Self-Service > Daily Work icon on left side menu > Faculty> Incomplete Report.

Field-Specific Information:

All of the following fields are required in order to successfully submit the Incomplete Report eForm. The following sections correspond with fields on the Incomplete Report eForm. Please refer to the eForm while following along.

Type of Change:

You must choose one Type of Change. You may complete this report for 1 of 3 reasons:

  • Loyola Self-Service is Open for Grading: You have assigned an Incomplete grade in Loyola Self-Service and are using this form to confirm required assignments, determine when assignments are due to the instructor, and establish a date when the instructor will submit the Final grade to Records.
  • Loyola Self-Service is Closed for Grading: (the deadline has passed) and you would like Records to enter the Incomplete grade in Loyola Self-Service. Required assignments and due dates are still necessary.
  • Student has Grade of Incomplete: You need to extend the Final Grade Submission Date past those prescribed by University policy. Dean’s approval will be sought for these instances by Records. Required assignments and due dates are still necessary.

Reason for Incomplete:

A grade of I must be assigned based on one of the reasons outlined in the Incomplete Grade policy as listed in the current, corresponding Academic Catalogue.

Required Assignment(s) to be Completed:

List ALL assignments the student is required to submit to resolve the Incomplete grade (please be specific and detailed).

Required Assignments Due Date:

This is the date when the student MUST submit ALL required assignments to the instructor for review and final grade calculation. Please allow sufficient time to review and calculate the final grade to meet the Final Grade Submission Date.

Final Grade Submission Date:

To determine when grades of incomplete are due, refer to the Incomplete Grade policy in the current academic catalogue. To extend this submission date beyond University policy, approval from the appropriate Dean will be sought by Records. If this date is not met, the grade of Incomplete expires and automatically converts to a Final grade of F on the student’s record.

Records reviews all submitted forms and obtains any additional approvals needed, such as:

  • Any report with a Final Grade Submission Date beyond the policy dates set in the University’s catalogue.
  • Any report of Incomplete for a graduating student – refer to the Incomplete Grade policy as listed in the current, corresponding Academic Catalogue.   

Form Submission and confirmation:

  • Selecting the Sign and Date/Submit buttons routes the completed form to Records via Perceptive Content for processing.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to your Loyola email address with an attachment of the form you completed.

Contact Information:

For help with the Incomplete Report eForm, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 410-617-2263 and for other assistance and hours of operation, please visit the Contact Us page.