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Initial Grade Assignment/Change of Grade Instructions


The Initial Grade Assignment/Change of Grade eForm may be submitted to either assign or change a midterm or final grade for an individual student. Once Self-Service grading has closed, assigning grades past the due date for an entire roster must be completed via instructions emailed to you from the Office of the Registrar.

Accessing the Initial Grade Assignment/Change of Grade eForm:

Log into Inside Loyola, then select Loyola Self-Service > Briefcase/Daily Work icon on left side menu > Faculty > Change of Grade Form.

Field-Specific Information:

The following sections correspond with fields on the Initial Grade Assignment/Change of Grade eForm. Please refer to the eForm while following along. As you complete each section, more of the form will appear.

  • Student Information: Type the Student ID in the box and hit the tab key. The students name, academic level, if applicable, and email address will appear. The Student ID number can be found on your class roster in Self-Service.
  • Course Information: When you have completed all boxes, the next area on the form appears for completion.

Type of Grade Assignment:

You must choose only one (1) Type of Grade Assignment per submission.

Midterm Grade:

  • Assign a Midterm Grade (Instructor signature only)
  • Change of Midterm Grade (Instructor signature only)

Incomplete Grade:

  • Change an Incomplete to a final grade (Instructor signature only)
  • You can check this box only if the grade has not already gone from an Incomplete to an "F" because the expiration date as passed.

Final Grade:

  • Assign Initial Final Grade (Instructor signature only)
  • Change a final grade due to a computational error (Instructor and Department Chair signatures)
  • Other extraordinary reasons requires the use of the Comments box.
  • Appeal of Final Grade
    • Requires Instructor and Dean (Academic Dean from one of the three schools) signatures
    • For guidance on the Appeal of Final Grade, refer to the current, appropriate Loyola University Academic Catalogue


  • Use the Comments box to state the reason for any CHANGE other than a computational, recording, or transmittal error.

Additional Notes:

  • Selecting the Sign and Date/Submit buttons routes the completed form to Registrar via Perceptive Content for processing.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to your Loyola email address with an attachment of the form you completed.

Contact Information:

For help with this form, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 410-617-2263 and for other assistance and hours of operation, please visit the Contact Us page.